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My Little Mermaid Page

Little Mermaid Icons

Facts & Trivia
The Little Mermaid was released on November 15, 1989

An upcoming stage adaptation of the movie is planned with additional songs by Alan Menken and new lyricist Glenn Slater and is expected to open on Broadway in 2007 or 2008

The Little Mermaid was originally planned as one of Disney's earliest films. Production started soon after Snow White, but was put on hold due to several circumstances.

Ursula's death is based on the shark's death in Jaws: The Revenge

In Ursula's spell to turn Ariel human, she uses types of caviar in her incantation. (E.g., Beluga, Sevruga...)

Glen Keane, the supervising animator for Ariel, jokingly stated on the Pocahontas: 10th Anniversary Edition DVD that Ariel looks exactly like his wife 'without the fins'. The character's body shape and personality were based upon that of Alyssa Milano, then starring on TV's Who's the Boss? and the effect of her hair underwater was based on footage of Sally Ride, when she was in space.

  • Continuity: Just before Grim uncovers Eric's statue, the shirt of a sailor behind him changes color.

  • Continuity: While in the castle of Prince Eric, Ariel lies down on a bed for the first time. Cut to Sebastian talking. Cut back to Ariel asleep on top of the covers. Next, Sebastian jumps on the bed, and Ariel is shown asleep under the covers.

  • Continuity: Before jumping off the dock to swim to the boat, Ariel is barefoot. When she gets to the boat and climbs onto the deck she is wearing shoes.

  • Continuity: After Sebastian discovers Ariel's treasure cove and gets tangled up in her assorted findings, he gets a thimble stuck on his feet. The thimble subsequently disappears and reappears between shots.

  • Continuity: When Ursula is on the boat right before her wedding to Eric she steps on the makeup table while she talks to herself in the mirror. In doing so she cracks a round crystal ball with her foot. But in the previous scene there was no such ball on the table.

  • Continuity: When King Triton discovers Ariel's treasure cove, he destroys the statue of Eric. While it is breaking apart, a close up of the face shows cracks crawling across the entire face. However, later, when Flotsam and Jetsam are in the cove, they flick the face - now completely intact - to Ariel.

  • Continuity: After Ariel and flounder escape from the shark, Ariel has a bag over her shoulder but when Ursula is watching from her cave the bag is gone.

  • Continuity: When Sebastian is trying to escape from Louie the chef, he runs under a shelf of glassware, pots, and bowls. When we see Louie running towards the shelf, he is holding a butcher knife in his right hand. Then when we his reflection in one of the bowls in front of him, the butcher knife is reflected in the wrong hand (his left hand).

  • Continuity: Just before Grim uncovers Eric's statue, one of the sailors behind of him has a striped shirt, but when Grim walks by him, it flashes to solid blue.

  • Continuity: When Ariel is singing "Part of Your World", she is laying on the sand and when she gets up her hair parts on the right side of her head. Then all of a sudden it is parted on the left side.

  • Factual errors: At the end of the movie a rainbow is shown with the correct colors but with their order inverted.

  • Continuity: The trim on Ariel's wedding dress goes from green to pink, then back to green and stays that color for the rest of the scene.

  • Continuity: When Ariel first enters her grotto she closes the door behind her, but when she swims out the door is already open.

  • Continuity: When Ariel is eating with Grim and Eric, her fork changes back and forth from three prongs to four prongs.

  • Continuity: When Ariel is spying on Eric for the first time, at the unveiling of his birthday statue, his dog Max comes up and licks Ariel on the right side of her face. Moments later she wipes the slobber off the left side of her face.

  • Continuity: When Sebastian looks through a pair of glasses, his right claw disappears for an instant.

  • Continuity: When Ursula is talking to Ariel for the first time, she sits down at her mirror to apply some makeup - when she looks at Ariel, she has on lipstick, but in the next shot, she has none and is applying it from a clam.

  • Continuity: When Ariel's voice is freed from the conch shell and floats over to her, she is barefoot. In the next full shot of her, she is wearing shoes.

  • Audio/visual unsynchronized: As Ariel and Eric swim toward each other right before the enormous Ursula rises above the sea they exchange dialogue: "Eric, you've got to get away from here," "No, I won't leave you," but their lips never move.

  • Continuity: When Ariel escapes through the porthole she does not have a bag on her shoulder. In the next shot she does.

  • Continuity: When Ariel drops the bag to save Flounder from the shark, we do not see the bag until she picks it up off the floor.

  • Continuity: When Ariel sees a fork in a sunken ship for the first time, the fork has four tines. When Arial takes it, it has only three.

  • Continuity: During the song "Under the sea" a flower in Arial's hair disappears (after the yellow fish whirl around her) and reappears later.

  • Continuity: When Ariel sits down at the table and takes a fork, her nails are covered with pink varnish. Later no varnish is seen.

  • Continuity: In the very beginning when king Triton comes to the hall for the celebration the chandelier is already lit but he lights it again.

  • Continuity: When the crown falls off Trion's head it has eight prongs instead of usual five.

  • Miscellaneous: When Prince Eric and Max the dog are first seen, the ship's balustrade that Max's paws are resting on is clearly visible through his aws.

  • Continuity: When Grimsby is talking to Eric at the dining table about taking Ariel out for a day on the town, there are plates in front of all of them. But when Carlotta brings the food they have no plates in front of them.
The Cast

Rene AuberjonoisLouis
Christopher Daniel BarnesPrince Eric
Jodi BensonAriel
Pat CarrollUrsula
Paddi EdwardsFlotsam & Jetsam
Buddy HackettScuttle
Jason MarinFlounder
Kenneth MarsKing Triton
Edie McClurgCarlotta
Will RyanSeahorse
Ben WrightGrimsby
Samuel E. WrightSebastian

Last Updated10-26-2009
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