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Hey All! Welcome to my Userpage!
I hope you enjoy it here! I'm still underconstruction-- you can see if you scroll a little more down on my UP.

I haven't been on vmkforums for a while and sorry for anyone who missed me lol

I am currently writing(not typing) a story and i'll put up the intro and all later. I say i did pretty good with it too! Uhm, if you look around, you can see that my Userpage is anime based, if you don't know what anime is, scroll a little more down(on my UP not this layout thingy) and it will say "What is anime?" Then I'll explain everything~ Question: how do you like my sig and avatar? I made it myself!

If you don't know what my sig and avvie mean, then look at my Username then back at it-- im sure you'll get it lol!

I want to thank dangerman_ for the AWESOME layout thingy-
TYVM dangerman_ you rock!!!!

What is Anime?

Ok for you people who don't know what anime is, i'll explain~

Anime means Animation in Japanese(kinda obvious lol) It's just a type of show. Technically anime is what we call cartoons. Exactly the same, just named different.

Anime is often recognized by its trademark drawing style - the obvous - large eyes and the tiny mouth; and your probably wondering "How did this style of drawing begin?" Well first we have to go back to World War II. Japan was trying to get back on its feet and re-enter the modern world. Osamu Tezuka was a comic creator who wanted to have the fame of Disney and other American cartoon systems. He was trying to find a "look" for his new characters. His favorite cartoon was ... Betty Boop! That's right~ the famous Betty Boop!

She's got BIG eyes and a TEENY little mouth. Tezuka loved the look and started drawing his own comics the same way. He made a huge hit with Testuwan Atom - and had the first ever Japanese TV show based on it. Suddenly all other Japanese comic creators wanted the same success, and begin drawing their own comics in Tezuka's style. The next thing you know, just about all Japanese comics involved those large eyes and pouty little mouths.

Well that was a surprise! All you anime haters probably didn't know that Betty Boop started anime! Bet you wont look at anime the same way again


Q: How did you choose your name for VMK?
A: Idk, i dont remember.. I think its because i like the name Amy and May.
Q: What's your favorite sport?
A: I like all sports but if i had to choose, i would pick swimming.
Q: What's your favorite color(s)?
A: My favorite color(s) are blue, pink, and lilac
Q: Everybody has a favorite food, what's yours?
A: That's tough, I really like a lot of food (im a skinny girl and i eat a LOT lol) but i would pick cheese pizza, and Maceroni and cheese!
Q: How did you find out about vmk?
A. I found out by seeing an ad on Habbo.
Q: What's your favorite pet? Do you have any?
A: A dog would be my favorite and yes I have pets, 2 dogs and a cat.
Q: What's your favorite cartoon/animation movie?
A: I dont really have only 1. But i do like The Incredibles and Shrek 1 and 2.
Q: What's your favorite show?
A: That's a hard question as well but...I LOVE i mean absolutly LOVE anime shows, but too much to put down lol

More About me

Q: What's your fave anime show?
A: omg, thats really hard but, i would say.... as of right now Tsubasa Chronicles
Q: What's your least favorite anime show
A: uhm... well i dont really have a least favorite but, i would pick.. Maburaho.
Q: Which type of anime shows do you like?(English/Japanese)
A: It depends on which anime; but i mostly like Japanese ones- better voice actors/actresses.
Q: But wait. If your not japanese how do you understand the anime? Do you speak Japanese?
A: Actually i don't speak japanese, i watch the anime shows with english subtitles.
Q: Do you like to read?
A: I do. but only if the book is interesting.
Q: you like to read and you LOVE anime, why don't you make a story? Like a fanfict?
A: Actually i am making a story~ More information will be up about it- but in the meantime, your gonna have to wait
Q: What's your favorite song?
A: I love a lot of songs and don't actually have a favorite lol, I like rock bands tho :P

Last Updated10-27-2010
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