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(i realize that the numbering is off, i messed up when i typed it when VMK was still on, but I am not exactly sure what my mistake was [if i forgot a task or simply got the numbers off] as I can't log into VMK to check.)
Task 1:
Hey! I’m glad you could come. Listen, you and I are setting out on a very important mission. We will have to find a secret room and tell VMK staff how we feel about VMK! Look at the pic for my hint of our first way that we are going to celebrate!

Pic: a boy (groovysquirell) with Hong Kong DLR shirt with a over his head
A nice girl in background, also a tron video game type thing and ALR (alice ride) plants
This was taken in the Disney Characters Quest Mad Tea Party room.
(good quest, owned by groovysqirrel)
Answer: Smile

Congratulations! What a mood changer you are! Task 1/23 solved!

Task 2:
That’s awesome! I always get a laugh from that last pic; I hope you did too. I have placed some chairs in this room that show my attitude for the game. Have a seat on it

Pic: Me wearing blue VMK top, top hat, cowboy pants, and blue princess shoes, sitting on a heart chair Red. You can see kiosk, Mickey TV, and my centerpiece with four white rabbit walls surrounding a crate and fountain with a water carpet and some PPR moving ones.
Answer: Sit. Anywhere really. I tried to make it so that you had to sit specifically on those chairs by hiding a jewel underneath them, but it wouldn’t work.

Congratulations! Sometimes it’s nice to sit and just chat with friends! Task 2/23 solved!

Task 3:
Now we can get down to the real stuff. Tell all the people here how excited you are. Say with me, Let’s do this!

Pic: same as task 1
Answer: say “let’s do this!” or “Let’s do this!” Capitalization doesn’t matter, but punctuation does.

Congratulations! That’s exactly what the author wanted to hear and it solved task 3/23!

Task 4:
Just a quick reminder:
You can ask for help or a question
But, make sure you’ve read everything first! Ok?

• Yup
• Nope
• Hmm?
• Churro?! Where?
Pic: Me and five total people wearing flip hats in Fantasyland In The Sky

Congratulations! You found the correct answer for task 4/23!

Task 5:
Looks like you gotta go. Don’t want to give away any answers. Walk with me through the teleporter in the back

Pic: My Magic Show Water Trap teleporter. You can see my ALR flower, the counter in my Main Street Refreshment Street Corner room, and the place where I was clicking.
Answer: go in the teleporter. There you will step on a skull as you enter my Pirates Have Always Liked VMK! room. (Caribbean Town Square)

Congratulations! You found the hidden VMK quest item and solved task 5/23!

Task 6:

You made it! I had faith in you. Now, can you tell me, based on this room who likes VMK as much as we do?

• Me
• Blackheart
• Pirates
• Yavn
• The other players

Pic: Me wearing my Jolly Roger Hat and Mask, TOT top, and Haunted Mansion Pants. You can see my Davey Jones Chest, pirate dungeon wall, skeleton moneky, and flaming ransacked window.
Answer: Pirates

Congratulations! You found the correct answer for task 6/23!

Task 7:
You bet they do! I have provided a lot of seats for you. Use them, scallywag!

Answer: sit anywhere.

Congratulations! Sometimes it’s nice to sit and just chat with friends! Task 7/23 solved!

Task 8:
Let’s talk turkey. No, let’s talk about VMK staff. What is it that they are doing all day?

• Talking with the Yeti
• Eating Churros (maybe Yavn..)
• Making the Magic
• Playing Pirates

Pic: A sign from the VMK Gallery in New Orleans Square reading Making the Magic in pretty yellow sparkly letters on a purple background in a frame.
Answer: Making the Magic

Congratulations! You found the correct answer for task 8/23!

Task 9:
Nice! Now say the full title of this beautiful, sweet host with blue hair. For a hint, read my pic on the wall.

Pics on wall: Me in my quest room, by my Fireworks Cone Large. You can see my Main Street Candy Music tiles and Main Street Lamp Pole. I am wearing my Black and orange ears from the VMK Memories quest, my red T-Shirt with lanyard, a miniskirt, and red dance shoes. Caption is: I remember seeing Host Phinny with on of these long ago. We were amazed.
Another has my dog with the keys on a sandy carpet with a crab! You can see my barstools with the skulls, mermaids, and my gold chair. The caption is: The Host with blue hair is Host Phinny!
Pic on Quest: Host_Phinny in a tiki chair near a bamboo rug, fountain, river pieces galore, palm tree, and palm tree tops. This was the same day that I first saw a fireworks fountain.
Answer: Host Phinny

Congratulations! That’s exactly what the author wanted to hear and it solved task 10/23!

Task 10:
Now, foolish player, let us go visit another VMK Staff member. Phineas. You’ll find him in a weird mansion; some say it is haunted. Muahaha! You’ll find out I suppose

Answer: Click on Phineas the ghost in the Haunted Mansion Stretching Room

Correct! You found the correct NPC. Task 10/23 completed.

Task 11:
Get his attention. Make a sudden movement.
Pic: Me wearing a Test Track cone hat, blue princess top, pirate pants, and blue Aurora shoes. I am doing Levitation magic on a Herbie chair with music tiles and mickey carpet in the background.
Answer: Click on the Heart button then click Wave

Hello! Task 11/23 solved!

Task 12:
How interesting! Phineas tells me that he knows a fun way to thank the VMK staff. But first, let’s start over towards the room that you first saw as a new VMK player

Pic: the gates on the Esplanade entrance. Lilies are visible.
Answer: go to Main Street Esplanade

Congratulations! You found the correct room and solved task 12/23!

Task 12: This quest will be long, but not boring! Hope you chose to hang with me. For know, hang exit through those gates and you will receive your first clue. Read it carefully and remember or write down where to go next!

Pic: the gates on the Esplanade entrance. Lilies are visible.
Answer: go through the gates or to Town Square
Congratulations! You found the correct room and solved task 12/23!

Task 15:
Make sure you have a paper to write on! Your first clue is this: The final room you will enter is not a store
Go get diamonds and head on to Main Street.

Answer: find 10 of 15 diamonds

Congratulations! You found all the hidden items!

Task 16:
Write this down: The final room doesn’t have an NPC (Yeti Ned, Blackheart..) Get some gold and go on to Central Plaza! I’ll catch up

Answer: collect golden mickey coins in Main Street
Congratulations! You found all the hidden items!

Task 17:
You’re next clue is this: this is not a game room (and remember, it is a public guest room.) Get the stuff then go to Castle For.Court.

Answer: find a variety of items, including clovers, diamonds, gold, skulls, and atoms.

Congratulations! You found all the hidden items!

Task 18:
Almost done! You need to use a magic pin too get to part of this room, but we won’t have to for this quest! go find the items.

Find items in Castle Forecourt. Same variety. They are in smiley face shapes and on chairs and things.

Congratulations! You found all the hidden items!

Task 19:
This is your last clue! You can’t sit in these tiny chairs! Now Dance, you are almost done

Answer: Dance

Congratulations! The dancefloor is on fire! Task 19/23 solved

Task 20:
Go to the secret room now! If you haven’t figured it out, the picture is a hint.

Pic: Saturn with stars
Answer: Go to Tomorrowland’s Inner-Space Shrinking Machine

Congratulations! You found the correct room and solved task 20/23!

Task 21:
Yea! You did it We went all over the kingdom, but now it’s time to shout. Say
Yay for VMK!

Pic: a VMK logo that says Thanks for playing! 2005-2008
Answer: Say “Yay for VMK!”
Congratulations! That’s exactly what the author wanted to hear and it solved task 21/23!

Task 22:
I will miss VMK so much! Every time I go on I cry so much! This beautiful game has been that wonderful for me, LexieandTink. Smile now please as you remember this wonderful thing

Answer: Smile

Congratulations! What a mood changer you are! Task 22/23 solved!

Task 23:

Ty Foxygirl koolbeenz geologygirl ACECpt.Rich Racsoscarito groovysqirrel sillygirlashley SpaceStrangeMagnet AtomicQuaintRice cooltikiman beaniebabiescool Baileyfish Yavn Hosts Yeti and everyone including you who made this magical for me! Wave goodbye now

Pic: me on my fave spot, overlooking the Rivers of America, Columbia, Mark Twain, and VMK on top of Tom Sawyer’s Island

Answer: Wave and try not to cry


My VirtualMagicDREAM was to have a quest kiosk.
and though i probably looked to other player like i had a lot of credit, i didn't. rarely over 1000 at a time. so that dream seemed like it would never become a reality. (i got all my cool stuff by trading)
VMK released the Quest for the Buried Treasure in may or april of 08, which offered a reward of 52,000 credits and a bunch of other awesome pirate-y stuff. Quest Kiosks- 30,000. Money left over- 22,000. VMK Memories- Priceless.
anyway, i came to the part in the quest where you had to use Buried in Treasure magic. Uno Problemo- i didn't have that. Great. I was literally crushed.
Then some random guy asked to be my friend. Ya know what, sure, whatever. It's probably for the quest, so ok. I accepted. Usually, i just went and deleted people like that, bc they didn't want to be my friend anyway. But i'm sooo glad i didn't.
Anyway, back to VMK. Frustrated, I typed the phrase "Aww, now i can't finish the quest! I don't have bling magic " or something like that for everyone in the Street Party Music Game Lobby to read. My new friend, SuperStrangeMagnet, heard me.
He asked me to follow him the the Magic Shop. There, he purchased a single use Bling magic for me for 500 credits. I was touched, and accepted the gift, but i didn't think it would work. Then, we began to trade, and it wouldn't work. It hit me; you can't trade single use pins. i felt so bad for him.
Then he said to meet him back there after the quest, and he'd buy me a real one. i told him he didn't have to do that, it was 10,000 credits! He refused to listen. I asked SuperStrangeMagnet, why? why are you doing this? and get this, he said it was for all of my help. (meaning it was a ty for accepting his friend request) i was pretty shocked.
I guess neither of us could have finished the quest without the other. i never saw him again. I sent a thank you message once a week or so after that, and he replied to most of them. but he's not on this site, or any of them, it seems.
So SuperStrangeMagnet, thank you. Through that quest kiosk, i fulfilled my VMK dream. and I even lent my sister my new pin so she could make her own quest.
I met many people and grew closer to one I already knew with that kiosk. I met the fun-loving Racsoscarito, I got into a hilarious misunderstanding and then made up with AtomicQuaintRice, and I chatted for a while with SweetPeaRules, who really was very sweet, and was a friend to Baileyfish, who never really knew what she was doing in the game. And i miss all these ppl so much.
Last Updated12-12-2009
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