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Page Dedicated To BigRrgh.

StitchMad's Userpage!

Red Flips Rule!

A Picture Of All My Best VMK Friends!

My Cat Thomas!

Originally Posted by Nick
Oh, I seen your cat before. Freckle Nose.
Originally Posted by Zilly
I like the spots on his nose.
Originally Posted by TopazR
or hmmm ... something about the cat ... oh and btw it's not the spots on the nose - it's the eyes that grabbed me
Things I Finally Got, Woot!

Stitch Hat (Thanks GreenDev!)
Stitch Box (Thanks DizznyGrl)
Stitch Pin (Thanks Toofytoo!)
Eye pin (Thanks ChadMagma!)

Special Shout Outs. (History)

Thank you very much, 18 months of no inferno, you made my dream come true. 12/21/06.


Thank you very much, You traded your green flips for this hat of stitch which you were kind enough to give to me. Thanks so much, I will always remember you, even though you have sadly left VMK. 04/21/06


Thank you so much Puppy for the time we had in VMK before you left. I will always remember the day you left, as the happiest, but over-powered by the saddest day in VMK. I personally thank you for the items you gave me, and I will never trade them as they a token of our friendship. For reference: Green Tea Cup, Purple Piano, Red Crate (x2), Sea Green Cactus, Pink Tiki. I will treasure these items always. 07/14/07.


I have totally lost contact with you, but if you ever stumble upon this page ever, I would just like to say that you were my BEST friend during beta days, and I could not get to where I am without you. I remember begging for your black ears each day for a joke, and I will treasure those moments always. Thank you.

Cats anyone?

<-- These have been here since Easter 06. Yay.
<-- This has been here since February 07. Yay.

Last Updated09-28-2008
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