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"I am interested in entertaining people, in bringing pleasure, particularly laughter, to others, rather than being concerned with 'expressing' myself with obscure creative impressions."
-Walter Elias Disney

These words were spoken by perhaps the greatest dreamer of them all. But there's an important thing to note here. Walt E. Disney was not just the greatest dreamer. No, he was one of the World's Finest. He was able to project his vision into our living, breathing three dimentional world. However, in this quote, he reveals his passion. What makes him the remarkable man he was. What made the Disney empire soar into the sky.

I may not be the world's greatest, but this quote is my mantra.

On the night of December 19, 2002, I joined Toontown. December 19, a small cyan mouse was born, sporting Hawaiian shorts and T-shirt and endowed with a name that would bore both ancestory and raw, unleashed power. His name was Captain Comet Thunderslam. Toontown quickly became a great passion of mine, and I advanced rapidly up the Toon ranks, gaining new gags and tearing through the Toontasks. It wasn't easy, but he was truly the epitome of determination. As time progressed, I learnt to trust others and finally began to get secret friends, whom would later prove to be great long term cohorts who stood firm in the face of life's troubles. In the early months of 2005, the utopia was shattered by a threat we all knew would come. One by one, each of my companions left the toon world. Soon, I found myself alone against a horde of Cogs. I could keep on fighting, but it would never be the same. I always missed Princess Petunia Bagelpretzel's cheerful shouts, or Little Rainbow's enthusiastic quips. Though Little Rainbow held on the longest, it ended up with me, standing alone, admist legions of Cashbots.

Three months after the departure of Rainbow, VMK rose from the shadows. When I saw the game, I joined, hoping to explore a virtual Disney park. Little did I know, it was far more than I bargined for. Yes, I am a true Day 1er, starting on the very first day VMK opened its gates. In those times, you got to admit, it was empty. Although I did start on the very first day, I was already behind. People had already formed their circles, and I was in none. I returned to my loner roots and explored VMK by myself. It wasn't long before I met some fantastic people, such as CaptainZwag, Indygirl or Mariemarie. I thought I had it all. Friends, a great room, all the pins that appealed to me. Little did I know what destiny held for me the following day.

I was walking about on Main Street, when I crossed paths with a person who was considered "popular" in most circles. On that day, I met Shiregirl. From that point onwards, I would be cast upon a ship which would never set land on "sanity" again. Through Shiregirl, I met some really fantastic people, such as MisterToad, MrGenie, Alexander and countless others. Oh, did I mention I was the proud champion of many rounds of the Comedy Club? Quickly, I became known as the wisecracking comedy kid in VMK. At each turn, I would fire off jokes, and I would never miss my mark. Over that summer, I also had a monstrous stroke of luck. In the parade event, I was one of the first to get an Inferno pin, courtesy of Yavn in the trivia that took place after the parade itself. I was known for my catch phrase of "FLAME ON!" whenever I activated my Inferno pin.

Over time, I gained many friends, such as TheIdolMara, TheTitan, drkfaery, GreenieMimi, CaptainBrain, Norbie, ladyvader, nausicaa and so many else that I can't even keep track. I didn't seek fame or fortune. I only seeked to have a good time for both myself and those around me. Whether it was through building rooms that took their breath away, or making them suffocate in laughter, it all came back to the roots. I was here to bring entertainment for both myself and others. And I'm still kicking. Or at least I think I am.

"Why am I here?" you may ask. Well, it's about what we can do. In VMK, we can do things that aren't even considered feasable in Toontown. Sure, it might have been a 3D screen, but the things you could do with your estate were very limited. They had a 50-item limit to houses, and you couldn't keep any of your stuff even if you wanted to. In VMK, the limits were as far as the mind could imagine. It's a pity they decided to put a cap on furniture now. Also, the range of furniture is astounding. I love how we have so many different pieces of furniture and create worlds within a room.

In forms of rooms, I have about 34 fully furnished rooms and about 50 all together. It's pretty well much a split between my Thunderslam Manor and my Journey to the North Pole monorail. I'm not a ride builder, to be very honest. Though I made two "ride" rooms in the Everest Competition, the first was just a straight track, while the other was a result of me throwing tracks all over the place. I really take great pleasure in transforming rooms into different shapes and sizes. Because VMK is a 2D game, there's so much you can do with just illusions alone.

As you can tell from this, I'm a pretty lucky guy. Well, that I wouldn't doubt, but I've had my share of rough times. Ever since the 50th Celebration Event in VMK (Which I played VMK in the actual kiosks at the park), I've had it pretty rough. I lost the trade room competition because I read the hours for judging wrong, I lost the Halloween competition because the staff couldn't quite appreciate a "Charlie Chaplin" costume, as well as crashing nearly every time a staff member entered the room. I pretty well much have no luck in any of the staff games, so I pretty well much given up on that. Also, I lost the Everest Ride Competition, but that was ok. Sure, I worked hard, but it really was a bonding of friends, where we really learned about each over in the over 30+ hours spent in the virtual realm. I'll never forget how I spent every waking moment in VMK, talking to MACPlink at the Base Camp, or sharing thoughts of pricing with CaptainZwag. Though Zwag wasn't on our team, he played an essential role as a sound machine simulating the walking Yeti's footsteps with his five star Bat Magic Pin.

So now that you know more about me, why not look around come more? There's alot of surprise picks in the Favorites section, so look around!

Alrighty then! You want to know my favorites, I'll give them to ya! Let's start off with pins, shall we?

Your thought process probabally leads you to think I'm insane. "Not rares?" "Where Quest??" "ZOMG!!!". Well, as I said, you're in for a huge surprise. Each one of these pins mean alot to me, regardless of their monetary value. Let's start!

It's not on my list because it's quest. In fact, it's there because it's a very nice looking pin. It's actually the closest thing we get to the VMK logo, but with a new paint job. I love how its a homage to the cursed Aztec gold from the movie.

Yep. THis is perhaps one of the most underrated pins of them all. It looks like a real jewel, and it's only 25 credits at Star Traders. Just because of that, many people choose to neglect it. But not here! It may be buyable, but it's a real piece of gold.

GOLDEN OSWALD (First Hidden Mickey Quest)
I think it explains itself. It's simply a gorgeous pin. It's a smooth gold finish with the letters clearly etched in. I tend to call it the gold medal of VMK, and it sure lives up to its name.

This pin was actually a result of my very first trade in VMK, when I traded 2 Tiki fountains (Only the wealthy used to have those back in beta) for one. It's by far my favorite park pin, and it's pretty obvious why. Also, I went to the actual 50th celebration on July 17, 2006, so this pin now means even more to me.

The Grand Floridian resort was the very first hotel I stayed in on my very first trip to Disney. We would stay in it from every year onwards, until they yanked Mickey and gang from it and turned it into a paradise for adults. Still, I hold very fond memories from the resort and I'd like to thank my friend for generously giving me this pin.

After Mickey and friends got yanked from Grand Floridian, this quickly became my favorite place to be at, though the Wilderness Lodge takes top prize in the living catagory. The A building is incredible, and Chef Mickey rules! There's so much to write about it, and I won't do any justice to it by writing a feature on it. Next!

ZOMG! UBER RARE PIN! Well, that would be correct, but you got to understand what it means to me. I kinda missed this on the day of release, as I was in Disneyland at the time. I actually had to hunt this pin down and eventually gave up. In the end, however, it came to me in the form of a gift from a friend whose friend had left VMK. Now, I wear it proudly to remind us all that this person is still doing alright.

Heh, yeah. I kinda coined that name myself. Simply put, these are by far the best set of pins in VMK. They're big, they're shiney, and they're REALLY elusive. I guess it kinda reminds me the good time in fireworks back when you didn't have to take on half of VMK in the same game of fireworks. But let's be honest, how can you turn down pins that are so brilliantly large, colourful and bordered by gold, silver or bronze? You just can't!

Most people would say which single magic pin is their favorite. For me, all of them are awesome. So, I decided to compile a list of the top three pins that I own.
Yep! You guessed it! Inferno is indeed my favorite pin, though it's not because it's rare. It's because it reminds me of the parade event where I had my luckiest day in VMK. Also, it's because of the fact that I never get tired of yelling "FLAME ON!" into the clouds and start burning up Main Street.

It's a real neat little pin. You can blast from one side of the room to the other, which comes in real good use when in those micro rooms, such as the Haunted Mansion. I'll save my feet up for the ghost game, thank you very much.

It's a freebe, but it's my freebe! Not to mention it's five stars! I love this pin, because the Pirate Costume is really amusing to wear. I mean having the hat is one thing, but having the entire suit? Priceless!

Currently, it's a dead tie between the Space Mountain and Expedition Everest rooms. Both have so much potential, and I really enjoy using them to their fullest extent. When I build rooms, I LOVE to change the entire shape of the room and really go for something that really shocks you. Yep, you know what that means, alot of crates and tables! Life couldn't get much better than this!

As of now, I'm doing a project that I started in December 24, 2005, in hopes that I would finish by Christmas Morning. Now? Well, let's just say I hope I can finish! It's such a titanic task working alone on a Monorail ride of such a scale, but it's worth it! I'm not much of a team player because I can never really express my vision to others without supressing another's ideas.

Here's a quick peek at some of the rooms I have up. You may recognize some rooms, while others are a complete mystery. That's because I've been keeping this project so tightly under wraps that even my closest friends haven't seen it yet!

Well, that's all for now! I might put up a section for furniture later, but for now, this is it! Keep on reading, true believers! The blog is up next!

April 17, 2006
Yep! After a record time in the making, my userpage is finally ready to be opened to the public! In this section, I'll have daily entries on what happens to me in VMK. But since this is the first day, why not explain the site?

As you're probabally noticed by now, the "IGNITE" button does work. As such, you're most likely been thoroughly drowned in the funky beat of Jpop band "TM-REVOLUTION", famous for their tracks in the Gundam Seed show. I'll change the music every now and then, but don't expect your regular main stream bands. I tend to listen to anything that has good beat, and usually, that's dance, pop or a movie soundtrack. Sorry if I sound blunt, but there's a very slim chance you'll hear something that you have heard many times before.

As for the site design, oy. It was a total nightmare. Half the stuff I wanted to use got rejected, but that's ok. I'm content with what I got now. I know I don't have any flash things in the page, but that's because I didn't want to bombard you with music and games the second you enter. Actually, there's a good chance of flash being included in my page later. As soon as I get around to finding out how to use Flash Studios 8, we're going to rock out loud! I hope you enjoyed the peaceful entrance!

As you've noticed, there's a chinese character beside the date. That's the character for "Thunder", which related to the VMK name and far more that I would love to describe, but that would be too much information. Well, explore around and see you soon!

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