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you can call me GG or kat because why not

music: panic! at the disco, manchester orchestra, phantom planet, the young veins, the hush sound, third eye blind, blink-182, the cab, the strokes, the shins, ed sheeran, the zombies, grizzly bear, the dresden dolls, nevershoutnever, brand new, taking back sunday, hawthorne heights, arctic monkeys, guster, new found glory, the wallflowers, bloc party, the beatles, jack's mannequin, something corporate, fall out boy, blue october, the like, the kooks, radiohead, chicago, sunny day real estate, mayday parade, journey, fun., pixies, the format, the used, the starting line, cartel, death cab for cutie, owl city, motion city soundtrack, mgmt, queen, thursday, name taken, matt & kim, the summer set, train, the audition, the bravery, hot hot heat, the killers, interpol, run kid run, vampire weekend, the thrills, this providence, the cure, dashboard confessional, bright eyes, mae, rooney, amber pacific, vampire weekend, modest mouse, we the kings, envy on the coast, michael runion, senses fail, the white stripes.

movies: it's kind of a funny story, 500 days of summer, harry potter

books: harry potter, to kill a mockingbird, the bell jar, hunger games trilogy, mortal instruments, infernal devices

tv: bbc merlin, bbc sherlock, how i met your mother, new girl

extra thoughts: hi, my name is katherine (:

and to you, if you stuck with harry until the very end.

Last Updated12-28-2011
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