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Welcome to AceGoalkeeper's Userpage!

My (former) VMK Character:

About Me

Location: soccer field! xD
Hair Color: brown
Eye Color: boring brown :\
Interests: soccer, softball, basketball, football, and writing


Favorite Sport: soccer (of course )
Favorite Color: red
Favorite Drink: Shirley Temple
Favorite Kind Of Food: pasta
Favorite Online Game: VMK
Favorite Thing To Do: Juggle my soccer ball/Sports
Favorite State: Mississippi (I don't live there, but I've always wanted to go there!)
Favorite Place: Disneyland (Besides a soccer field =)
Favorite Type Of Music: Alternative
Favorite Song: None
Favorite Band: Paramore
Favorite Basketball Team: Golden State Warriors! We Believe
Favorite Baseball Team: Giants! (They're not that good, by they're still and always will be my team )
Favorite Football Team: 49ers
Favorite Soccer Team: US Womens Pro Soccer Team
Favorite Book Series: Artemis Fowl

Here's a simple signature I made of my character for the closure of VMK:

(Yes, I know I'm not an amazing artist, if I'm one at all, I just decided to make one)


Well, there really isn't much to say about my life but I'll try to keep it interesting.
I'm a tom boy, not the average girl. My looks are pretty simple, nice, and comfortable.
Pretty plain, I know. I don't dress like the other people in my school,
I have my own styles that are
fine with me. True friends wouldn't care about that. And they don't. Besides,
most people know that I'm not going to change it and quit bugging me about it.
My school grades are fine, I don't really care about what I get but I keep them good for my mom. I usually
get A's and B's or straight A's but I never brag. I hate it when people make a big deal about it too.
I'd rather be known as a sports person than a geek. I'm fine with nobody knowing.

Speaking of sports, I LOVE sports. It's pretty much all I do besides the computer and school. My real
passion is soccer though. As you can tell, I'm a goalkeeper. I don't know what it is, but I just
really enjoy the game. I'm a great juggler and know many tricks.
I belong to a competition soccer
team also. We do pretty well and travel to far places to face teams we've never seen or heard
before. Sometimes it gets pretty intense, that's why I love it so much. I love challenges.

I also enjoy playing softball, basketball, and football. I have gotten many injuries from
sports but nothing seems to be able to keep me away from them! I have broken fingers, and had
many other bad injuries (by accident of course), but after I'm healed I jump right back in!

As of my personality, I'm very nice to people. I never judge anyone by there clothes or
appearance. I'm also a very laid back person. I really enjoy hanging out with friends
and family. I can have a bad attitude when people get on my bad side, but as long as
people are nice to me, I have no problem with them.

Here's my former VMK Character/Signature:

(As of 4/5/08)

This is also what I was wearing (pins and clothes) when VMK closed.

Likes And Dislikes


Any other sport
Walt Disney World
Pereshki (Russian Food)
Penemeni (Also Russian Food)
Greek Fries (Just like regular fries with feta cheese)


The Dark
Rats and Mice
Nasty Stuff
Anything Gross
Slow Computers (XD)
Rude People
People Who Nag
People who stereotype

I don't have many likes or dislikes right now but I'm working on adding more.

This is an edit from a long time ago that, I'm sure, many people would have wished to have.
I decided to keep it on my page to remind myself of "the good ol' times".

Random Thoughts
(I just decided to write this all of a sudden)

I am a great person and a great friend to people. I don't have a problem with people
unless they do something to me or a friend. I have friends of all different races, and I
love them all. The thing I don't understand is why people think they have it harder
than me just because of the color of my skin. I hate those kind of people. They think
"Oh, you're white, you have no idea how it is!" Well, guess what, buddy, I don't take that.
They may not realize it, but that is racist. It doesn't matter where you're from or
who you are, people make judgments about people when they don't even know them.
I find that completely wrong. When you know nothing about someone it makes no sense to
talk like that. I'm not going to rest until people understand that.


These are just a couple quotes I found and decided to put on my page... Go ahead
and read them if you want, I have heard way more good quotes
but of course I'm
blanking out when I decide to write them down.
"Patience is a virtue."

"Too blessed to be stressed."

"Don't count your fishes till they're caught."

"A hug is a handshake from the heart."

"Be thankful for what you have rather than unthankful
for what you don't have."

"Friends are angels that lift us to our feet when our wings have trouble
remembering how to fly."

Thanks go to:
OstrichSam for the layout
Nickle for the music

Thanks, that's my userpage! My userpage is updated as often as possible, so please drop by whenever you can!

NOTE: In the process of re-doing my page..

Last Updated10-30-2009
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