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Old Animal Crossing (GC)

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Old 03-21-2006, 06:12 PM
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Animal Crossing (Game Guide for GC)

Hey everybody! i made a thread about animal crossing because i wanted to help you out, of course when you first start animal crossing, you probably want a certain face and how you answer Rover's questions on the train does affect how your character looks physically(sp?)

So i have been testing to all the matches and kept on reseting and this is what i found out.

Question 1-
First Rover will say.. "Umm...Mind if I sit here? It's more fun traveling in pairs, or so they say, right? I promise, I'm not crazy!"

A. Please!
B. No Way!

Rover will sit down either way.

He will then ask you your name, say Isn't it cool/cute depending on what gender u want to be. (cool= boy, cute= girl) He will appologize for laughing.

Question 2-
So, tell me, why are you going to *town name*?

A. I'm moving.
B. What's it to ya?

Question 3-
So where are you going to be living?

A. Don't know yet.
B. Leave me alone!

Rover will then call Nook and arrange for him to sell you a house.

Question 4-
You have money, right?

A. Oh yeah!
B. Just a little...
*Always pick B!

SECTION 2-----
The following 3 letter combinations of A and B represent the answers to the above questions.


AAA=Black eyes tilted to the right

BBB=Boy with tiny, circular blue eyes with eyebrows

BAB=Boy with partially closed, blue eyes

ABA=Boy has black eyes with long pupils and eyebrows

BAA=Boy with Brown eyes tilted leaning to the right, with eyelashes

AAB=Boy with blue eyes and rosy cheeks

BBA=Boy with circular eyes with tiny blue pupils and no eyebrows

ABB=Boy with oval shaped brown eyes


AAA=Girl with pink hair and black eyes with two bits of white in them

BBB=Girl with purple hair and slanted, black eyes

BAB=Girl with red hair and eyelashes and eyebrows

ABA=Girl with brown hair, blue eyes and rosy cheeks

BAA=Girl has pink hair with blue eyes and eyelashes, no eyebrows

AAB=Girl has light brown hair with brown eyes

BBA=Girl has blue hair with partially closed, blue eyes

ABB=Girl has blue hair and blue oval shaped eyes

well, thats all for now Hope this helped you

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