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Old Rise Of The Mad Hatters! A Story About How Pal Saved VMK And The World! (revived)

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Old 10-07-2009, 01:34 AM
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Rise Of The Mad Hatters! A Story About How Pal Saved VMK And The World! (revived)

Hey if you remember my older story, Rise of the Mad Hatters!, I decided to redo it and tweak it's grammar a bit.
Hope you like it!
Chapter 1: A New Beginning

One day palkiasurfergirl (known as Pal in this story) was walking around VMK Espanalade, bothering guests. A guest suddenly appeared on Pal's screen, screaming:
"Oh My Gosh, there is an evil hat!" BestLester (he'll be Best) said
"Um.. right. evil mad hatters. Sure." Best rolled his blue eyes. Then Vienna came, wearing cowboy pants, blue princess shoes, a red dance top, and her black hair was tucked under her new Dream Ears.
"I feel like wearing my mad hatter." Vienna said, breezily, changing her hat. That was when it happened.
Vienna's usually brown-black eyes turned red. The guest that had come in turned white.
"That was the hat."
"AAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!" screamed Best and Pal. princess_monique (she'll be known as Ray) entered the room, following her best friend Vienna; already wearing the Mad Hatter Hat. Her usually light brown eyes were now a dark red, her best guy friend cammoman (Ace) followed suit his green eyes light red.
"NOOO!!!!!!" Pal yelled dramatically. She knew that Vienna had influence in the VMK World; soon enough the virus would spread...faster and faster... Then...
Chapter 2: The beginning of the end
When people began to wear the mad hatters, they turned evil. The Mad Hatters' spread thanks to a once in a lifetime cheap rare sale; guest were becoming evil by the second. Best quickly switched his Black Mickey Ears to his Everest Goggles; Pal tucked her blonde hair under a Referee hat.
Harley_Qtie-VMK's personal fashionista/It Girl- came dashing through Central Plaza, where the duo was running through.
"RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!!!!!!!!! AHH GET OFF ME GUEST!!! NOT MY GOLD PRINCESS!!!" she yelled on the top of her lungs.
"The girl is crazy." said Best.
"But she's not evil! C'mon we gotta help!" Pal said. So then Pal and Best attempted to help. Pal bravely-yeah, right.- kicked a guest off Harley. The Mad Hatter fell off the guest and exploded, leaving the Guest in a daze.
"Thanks for saving me and my rare! My name is Harley_Qtie! What's yours?" the girl asked.
"My name is palkiasurfergirl; but you can call me Pal" Pal greeted.
"My name is BestLester!" Best said.
"Well Best and Pal, since I'm not Madified yet, can I join up? By The Way, I know this guy who's not Madified either!" Harley said excitedly.
"Sure and sorry for calling you crazy." said Best.
"Welcome! So who's this guy?" Pal asked.
"AwesomeOldNight." replied Harley. Then game was set.
Chapter 3: The REAL Adventure Begins
The team teleported in and out of Main Street, and arrived in Adventureland. They browsed for more guests and the main leaders; Vienna's crew. Vienna knew how to handle an army apparently; most of the guest rooms were filled to the brim with Madified people. Then a guy with gold blond hair and green eyes ran by Adventureland Bazaar. Vienna, near the Pirates of the Caribbean lobby sensed his presence and ran to the Bazaar. She could feel the soul of a trainer.
"What's your name!?" Pal yelled, looking at the boy.
"Defre! Yours?" Defre yelled back, stopping in front of Pal and her group.
"Pal!" Pal answered, looking around the Bazaar. She then saw her sister; Vienna.
"Oh no you don't!" Vienna snapped, taking a random pokeball out of her pocket, sending out a Darkrai. Defre tensed.
"We have to battle. I wasn't planning revealing my identity like this." Defre muttered, sending out a huge Torterra.
Then we started the battle at main street. Vienna had Darkrai, a strong Pokemon, and princess_monique got a suicune. Then we started the battle. Suicune got out first because of torterra, then darkrai defeated torterra, then Palkia beated up darkrai for 2 hours. Then Vienna said, "It's not over left." Then Vienna and princess_monique left to the MadHatterMobile. "Great work Defre." I said. "Thanks." he responded.
Chapter 5: Getting There
"So, do any of us know where the Mad Hatter Castle is?" asked Phinny. "Hey look a sign!" yelled Harley. "Mad Hatter Castle: To The Right" read the sign. "It looks happy! Let's go that way!" said Awesome. We All gave him @[email protected] looks. “What?” he asked. “Well, that’s the only sign…” said Best. “Well fine, we’ll go that way…” I said. So the group went on toward the way the sign directed, but no one saw that there was two signs and that the first one fell off revealing these words, “Doom, Right!”
“So, Vienna… what do you plan by keeping my in here?” asked Yavn. “Well, my revenge of course! After all those guests took all my stuff, I decided to get it all back, and I did, but there was one flaw in my plan. You, you had to destroy me dream.” Vienna said. “What?! Me? Dream?” he said. “Yes, my dream of a happy VMK, but no, you had to close the dang site?! No, taking you was an answer, that I could save the site, but I wasted so much time that my heart turned cold. I wanted VMK, for my own needs. Well Mr.Yavn, any last words?” I stated. “What?!” he exclaimed but the ice beam froze him and he was thrown into a chamber. “Penguin_Warrior, stall Pal’s group. Lead them to my trap…” I said. “Yes, Vienna,” he said and ran off. “Perfect.”
************************************************** ***
“Oh My GOSH!!!!” yelled Harley. “What?!” we all said. “My Sparrow Top is getting wet!” We all gave her @[email protected] looks. “I guess we found it but I wish we didn’t!” yelled Best, and there it was the Castle, princess_monique and cammoman standing in front of there. “Uh oh,”
Chapter 6: Testing Day
“It’s nice of you to come to and join us!” said Ray (princess_monique) sarcastically of course.
“I wouldn’t say the same thing, because I’m not pleased to be here.” said HOST_Phinny.
“Oh, I see that the host actually says big words.” said Ace. (cammoman).
“Don’t offend a host! She can ban you!” said Harley.
“We’re not afraid of being banned, this is reality sorry Harley!” said Ray, laughing evily.
“So, is Vienna too good to be seen by us, is that why she sent you guys?” said Awesome.
“Oh, Miss Vienna has some important plans to take care of.” said Ace plainly.
“So, she is too cool for us to bring the fight!?” said Best.
“Are you calling her a coward?” said Ray.
“Maybe I Am.” said Best.
“You’ll see. Soon enough. But you have a spelling bee to attend.” said Ray.
All of the sudden, everything turned black. They were in the castle.
“Welcome to the Gone or Win Spelling Bee!” said the voice of Ace.
“Spelling!?” we all said at the same time.
“Yep. Here’s your first word!” Ace said laughing evily. “The word is virtual! And Harley, you get to answer!”
“Um ok. V-I-R-T-U-A-L?” said Harley.
“Correct… ok next word, for Pal. Premium.”
“Ok. P-R-E-M-I-U-M.” I said.
“Ok, correct… ok BestLester, spell Budapest.” said Ace.
“What the heck is B-U-D-A-P-E-S-T?!” said Best.
“The capital of Romania. Ok now Phinny, spell Tallinn.”
“Ok, T-A-L-L-I-N-N.” said Phinny.
“Correct… now Awesome, spell Evie.”
“E-V-E-E?” said Awesome.
“NOPE!!! WRONG!!!!!!” said Ace, at that moment, a pit of lava appeared under us, and we were hanging from ropes and Awesome fell down.
“If one of you win, all of you continue.” said Ace laughing.
So the spelling continued, and Best, Harley, Phinny all fell, leaving Pal the last one standing.
“The last word, Carioca.” said Ace.
“How much I hate spelling this! I always get it wrong!” I thought. “C-A-R-I-O-C-A?” I said.
“That is… CORRECT!??!?!” said Ace disappearing, and revealing the group again.
“Wow, that was close!” said Phinny.
“I still think we’re doomed.” said Harley.
@[email protected]
************************************************** *****************************************
Vienna’s Point Of View
“What is going on?” I asked Penguin (Blake); “Well, Pal’s group got through the first challenge!” he exclaimed.
“WHAT!??! Send, Bella down there, and let her test them, Best is weak against her.” I said. “Yes Vienna.” said Blake and ran off.
“This is insane.” I said out loud.
Back to Pal’ s View
“Hello, Pal.” said the voice of Host_Bella.
“Bella!!! Why!?!” yelled Best.
“Shush. It’s my turn now.” Bella said and at that moment, five keyboards came flying in stopping in front of each of us.
“Survival of the smartest. I will ask a question, you will type it in. The wrong answerers shall be disqualified.
“I hate testing day!” I thought. [Pal]
Chapter 7: All At Once.
“First question is on the screen,” said Bella. And yes there was the question, which was ‘What color was given for the gift giving event in 2005?’

5 answers came on the screen in this order: Phinny, Best, Harley, Awesome, and Pal last. BUT these were the answers: Green, Green, Green, Blue, and Green! Pal had been saved! Awesome was out, and back into the pit of lava.
“Awesome!” yelled Harley.
“MUAHAHAHA! Now next question!” said Bella, and a new question popped up on the screen, which read, ‘In what day did VMK acquire their 1 millionth member?’
Four answers followed, in this order, Pal, Best, Phinny and Harley. The answers read: 2006, 2006, 2006, 2006, and at that moment Harley fell down with Awesome.
“Harley!” we yelled. There was three people left, BestLester, palkiasurfergirl, and HOST_Phinny.
“Hahaha, here’s the next question!” said Bella, and there was a new question on the screen. ‘In what day did VMK Central close?’ Three answers popped up. Phinny, Best and Pal. June 2007, June 2007, and June 2007. Pal was out.
“AHHHHH!!!!!!” I yelled as I fell down to the lava, but I held on the edge of the cliff. Best and Phinny were left. The last question popped up on the screen. ‘How many people have been Madified?’
Only one answer popped up. It was Best’s…
“Every single player except us, and Buzz.” said Best calmly.
At that moment Bella went down, and everyone else up!
“Yay Best! You did it!” we all said. But Best was full of melancholy, he had hurt his favorite HOST.
“Are you ready?” I asked him, placing my hand on his shoulder.
“Yeah.” he said.
************************************************** *********
Vienna’s Point of View
“WHAT?!?!?! They escaped!!!!” I yelled.
“Yes Miss Vienna…” said Blake.
“Stop with this Miss junk! I snapped.
“Ok Vienna. But are you sure we will win by sending me down there?” he asked.
“Oh sure! But first, Blake…” Vienna glared at Blake. “Destroy them.”
“I will.”

I'm a scene kid XP

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BUMP! XD lol I might add another chapter tomorrow.
Please don't ask me to put you in the story if you haven't ask me long time ago.
Oh and Sequel will come once I'm finished with this one, so you can ask me for that one, but not mad hatters.

I'm a scene kid XP

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