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Magic Kingdom Memoirs Where dreams are buried, but not forgotten.

Old Escape

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Old 09-11-2009, 06:35 AM
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Every time I had turned around somehow I got that paranoid feeling as if something were out to get me for the things I was about to do. Was it me or were things tilting? I could hear the pounding footsteps against the linoleum floors as they raced to the sound, no wait, the call of the baby. My only thoughts could be why me? Had I chosen to initiate one of the most cruel effects of nature onto an infant that had been in the world for less than a week. I could remember even though it had been 14 years back when I had to get the burn marks that represented for every time I couldn't control myself. I couldn't control my fire.

Chapter 1
They whispered my name as I entered our meeting chamber for the first time. The musty smell of dust and peeling wallpaper could only describe the half of the room that was stable. As more people of our team arrived I could see all their ages. 30, 23, 29, and more around those ages. I was the youngest one here. I was the first to be part of the tradition of Inferno Marking. Whipping my brunette ponytail out of my face, my fingers snapped quickly and a fire lit on the tips and it danced quickly just to flame out. You see I was the start of this group called the Talents. Who would I be though you ask? Of course no one would know Rachel Oak. It was just a coincidence that I could play with fire yet not get burned like my surname. As an baby I was taken from the arms of my mother and taken to be part of the tradition where a generation of people would line up and listen to our leader. Not only that though. We all had talent. But no good talents. We embraced nature by taking part as one of its many talents and wrecking everything in sight. I had been "special" though. Our leader had personally taken me from the hospital and given me the burns to embrace the fire; a special talent in which only two other people and I possessed. As I remembered I could feel the painful scorches arising in my veins again. Since I was the part of nature being the most destructive I was apparently made to do things no one else could. You see how things worked. Fire was not me or who I was but still I was a part of fire.

I'll post more if anyone likes it. You might have to wait a little though too because I might take a little to update.
Hi there. I'm back for now :3.
Old 09-11-2009, 11:45 PM
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Vivi is Buried in TreasureVivi is Buried in Treasure
That was...amazing. Your descriptions flow perfectly along with the story.
I would love to see more (:

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