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Magic Kingdom Memoirs Where dreams are buried, but not forgotten.

Old Chernabog's Rise (continued)

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Old 07-21-2009, 08:56 PM
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Chernabog's Rise (continued)

Chapter One

Finn Whitman stood by his bedroom window, looking at the electrical storm as it passed by. It seemed that only yesterday he had been in Animal Kingdom – fighting with the two greatest Disney Villains Walt Disney ever created. He shook his head, thinking of how it had been well over a month and a half since the events that had led to Wayne’s kidnapping. He checked his computer screen, looking at the hour, and went back to staring at the rain.
I let them go, he thought for the second time today. I knew about their plans, and I didn’t pay enough attention to the signs.
The phone rang.
“Hello?” he answered.
“Finn? Is that you?” It was Amanda.
“Ah…yeah. Why? Is everything alright?” he asked.
“No, it’s not. It’s Jez – she’s had another one of her dreams,” she answered.
Finn got up from his bed and paid close attention. In the past, Jezebel’s dreams had saved them – and the world – from The Overtakers. “What’s wrong?”
“It’s Chernabog,” she whispered. “She saw him and Maleficent…with Wayne. She’s drawn it all – but it looks like everything else – a puzzle.”
“I’ll be right over. I’m calling everybody right now. We’ll meet in half an hour.”
“I’m not sure if that’s going to be possible...”
Finn frowned, “Why?”
“Ah…we’re in Paris. Since Jez saw them, she recognized Disneyland Paris,” she murmured.
“How did you even get t---- Ah…I see,” he babbled. Her powers, he though. She and Jez had probably taken the Amanda Express to get to Paris.
“Yeah,” she said, smiling.
“Well, I’m not sure if I’ll make it all the way to Paris, but you’re part of the team, so we’ll be helping you in anything you might need,” he said.
“Thanks, Finn. I’m sure that if---“
She hung up.

Chapter two

“Well, maybe her call time was up,” Charlene said as she grabbed a donut from the counter.
“I don’t know...she sounded worried – as if she knew something was coming for her,” Finn said.
Maybeck grabbed a cup from the shelf above him and poured himself some soda, “I’m sure she’s alright.”
“But what if Finn’s right?” Willa said. “What if ‘Manda and Jez are in trouble? It sure wouldn’t be the first time.”
Philby took a hold of her hand and squeezed it, “I’m with her.” Willa looked at him and smiled, making Maybeck’s face turn bright red.
“Look, we have to find a way to get to France,” Finn said. The others looked at him and shook their heads.
“No, we were able to go to Disney here because it’s only, like, ten minutes away. But not Paris! That’s, like, impossible,” Charlene said.
“Charlie, we have to find a way,” Finn said.
“But what if this is another trap?” Philby said. “I mean, did you check the caller’s ID?”
Finn hadn’t thought about that option – he shook his head and took a sip from his apple juice.
“Where’s the phone?” Philby asked.
“Now’s not a good time to call for pizza, Philby,” Maybeck argued.
“I’m not going to call anyone – I’m going to check the caller ID history,” he replied.
Finn shook his head, “We don’t have that.”
Philby smiled, “I didn’t say I was going to do it legally.”

Chapter Three

"So," began Jezebel, looking at the weird-looking plate of food before her. " This is lunch?"
Amanda poked her 'lunch,' and made a disgusted face. She nodded, took a deep breath, then bit into the food.
"Congratulations," Jez said, looking at her plate, then pushing it away. "You've earned yourself an order of FRENCH french fries."

"Amazing," whispered Willa, looking at the screen.
"It's genuine," Philby concluded. "It's a french number, from a public phone."
The phone rang.
"Hello?" asked Finn, looking at everybody's worried faces.
"Finn Whitman." Through the woman's (Finn thought it was a woman, and he thought he recognized that voice) lips, his name sounded like an insult.
"Chernabog still wants his pen," Maleficent said. The hairs on the back of Finn's hair stood up.
"We still want Wayne," he told Maleficent.
"Silly boy, don't you understand? We're not giving you a choice. You either give us the Stonecutter's Pen or else."
"Or else?"
She hung up.
"Philby," Finn called, "did you get the address?"
"Yeah," mumbled Philby. "It's from here."
From inside the kitchen, Charlene screamed.

Chapter Four

"She's still here," Charlene said after Finn had broken into the kitchen, only to find a weeping Charlene crouching against the cupboard.
"Where?" Phily asked her, searching around the kitchen.
"Here," said Charlene. In the next second, her entire skin began to change color, going from her tanned skin to a green. Philby opened the cupboard next to him, and Charlene came out of there.
"Hand over the pen, children," Maleficent commanded them.
"We don't h---" Finn began.
"We don't have to do anything you tell us," Willa yelled, cutting Finn's sentence.
"When will you learn not to meddle where you're not wanted!" Maleficent told the first of the Keepers.
And she threw a ball of fire at everybody.
The kids braced for the sudden pain, but nothing came.
"ENOUGH," a deep voice commanded. They all turned around and Charlene collapsed. Chernabog - the REAL demon, not the Yeti they had last seen - was standing in front of them.
"We do not harm Walt's children; he's not the enemy."
Maleficent's lip curled but she bowed and apologized to her Master.
"But, Master, they know," she insisted, forming another ball of green fire with her hands. "Just a couple of fire balls, that will make them talk."
"I said no," Chernabog roared. Maleficent took a step back and bowed again, murmuring something that neither Chernabog nor the children understood.
"You will all help us, if we're to complete the mission," Chernabog ordered the children.
And they all disappeared.

Chapter Five

"I promise you, Finn, that if you step on my foot one more time, I will bite your ears off," Charlene said through grinned teeth.
"Oh, right, sorry!" Finn squealed, moving away from Charelene.
"It's not really his fault...I can't see a thing either," Willa complained.
The lights flicked on and they all gasped.
The building was white, with black metal posts all around. There was no sound, no screaming.
"I think we're inside--"
"Expedition Everest," Philby finished.
"Why is everything so...quiet?" Willa asked, grabing Philby's arm and bringing herself closer to him.
"Because, my dear child, they've closed it," a voice behind the tallest post boomed. In a few seconds, the children were no longer alone. Right in front of them, for they had turned back, was Chernabog in all of his glory. They had to admit, he was something to look at. His enormous bat-like wings were gracefully tucked, and his massive horns bended in a way that only a true demon's could.
"Why do you call us that?" Charlene whimpered.
"Call you what, Charlene?" the Demon asked her, his eyes full of surprise.
"Dear, Walt's Children...stuff like that," Charlene said, a hint of nerviousness in her voice.
"So, it did work..." Chernabog said, amused with himself.
"What worked?" asked Finn, taking a step forward.
"The spell," Chernabog simply said, waving a hand at the fake set. "Walt - my father, for he created me - wasn't wrong, it seems. He and his faithful assistant Ilene - whom you all know as Tinkerbell - were careful to hide you all..."
"What do you mean? Tinkerbell is..real? I thought only the villains had managed to come into our world!" Finn said, a little too loudly.
"That is not entirely true, you have," Chernabog shifted uncomfortably. "You want the truth? Alright, that's fair."
The Keepers waited, looking at him.
"You are all Walt's most precious creatures," he began. "Perhaps you will all remember better if I call you for your real names, yes?"
And he closed his eyes.
"Aurora, daughter of King Stefan, rise up! Philip, son of King Bartholomew, come forward," Chernabog roared, pointing at Charlene and Philby.
They came forward.
"Ariel, daughter of King Triton, bring yourself forward. Adam, rightful king of Cornswell, come," Chernabog said, this time slower, clearer.
Willa and Maybeck came forward.
Chernabog then turned to him, "Eric, king of the skies, come."
And he remembered.

Chapter Six

Seventy years ago
"We have to go back!" Ariel yelled at the group, pointing towards the castle. Uncle Walt stood at the front doors, looking at them, waving. Silently screaming his last goodbye. The Kingdom Keepers looked at him and waved. Aurora shed a silent tear, as they passed the Kingdom's entrance.

"It's over. We've lost," Eric admitted, coming to a stop. "The Overtakers have won." The others looked at him with shocked expressions.
It had been said.
They had all known, they had seen the Kingdom fall from the inside. But they had never said what was obvious out loud. Now he had done it.
"We have to keep moving," Philip remarked, looking behind him.
The Kingdom was something beautiful. Why dark forces wanted to destroy it was still a mystery to him. Why would someone want to destroy their own home?
"He's right," Adam finally broke the silence. "We can't stay here."
"NO!" Aurora screamed, pointing at the Castle.

The Castle was on fire.

Walt looked at his precious creations from the front doors of the Castle. He waved at them, hoping they'd see him. The horses he had supplied them had come from the Carousel, which had been a gift from King Arthur. They were beautiful animals, just like everything in the Kingdom.
He paused to think of this.
No, not everything in the Kingdom was beautiful. At least not anymore. Maleficent and Chernabog had been corrupted. And they had corrupted those that had been willing to listen.
"Sir, we have to leave," Ilene whispered, looking at the sky. "It's almost twilight. Surely you must know it's not safe to be here."
"You have done more than I could have ever hoped for, Ilene. You have my greatest gratitude."
"Sir, I wasn't going to let the Kingdom get destroyed. Sending them away was the only option we had."
"No, it isn't the last, my dear Ilene," the old man said, with a hint of pain in the last word. "You have to remain safe, too."
"I'm not sure I follow...."
But Walt had already taken out his book. Ilene knew it well, it was hers. She had read the story at least a thousand times, she had seen the movies, the plays.
"You'll be safe here. You'll protect the Kingdom," Walt looked at the book and sighed, closing his eyes for a moment.
"Yes, sir," Ilene responded, weakly. Almost like a whisper.
Walt hugged her, kissing her blonde hair.
"Take care of my children," he whispered. And she knew that he would not be able to do so. That he would not be able to do anything after the sun had banished. She hugged him tightly, not letting go. They stood there for what could have been hours, days, months. But it was time to let go.
"Say hi to Peter for me," Walt said, forcing a smile.
"I will."
And he opened the door to Neverland, hidden inside the first copy of Peter & Wendy. Where there had been an empty space in the illustrations now stood Ilene, in her true form. And where she had stood a few seconds ago, there was only pixie dust.

The clock struck seven. Walt counted each one, careful not to do so rapidly.
He hugged the book tightly, then waved his hand over it and it disappeared.
He lowered the bridge.
He continued to watch the Keepers, crying over his sons and daughters. His creations.
He didn't move. He didn't breathe. He wouldn't dare to disturb the peace.
He took the last bits of Ilene's pixie dust and put it inside his pocket.
He breathed slowly, looking at the dark red sky.
He got up, and waited. The sun hid. And the lights were turned on. And he waited.
He didn't have to wait much longer, she was already waiting. Standing there, in front of him. The darkness around her didn't take away the beauty that had once been there. The lights behind her only added an odd effect to the lines of green pixie dust that surrounded her figure, illuminating it.
"Finish it, Maleficent. You've come to destroy it. Finish it then."
She smiled, making her yellow eyes even more terrifying. She counted the seconds inside her head, making sure everything was perfect. She was enjoying the moment.

She then held up one hand to her staff, held on tightly to the orb in top of it. And looked at the Castle. She smiled again. The green pixie dust came from inside the staff, where she had ordered it to be. It revolved around her once more, then followed her orders. They were simple.

Burn the Castle. Leave nothing standing. Those were the orders. And the pixie dust knew it had no choice. The green flames emerged as it flew around the corridors, the halls, the rooms. Escher's Keep was difficult, but it had finally managed to burn it. The Castle's beauty stood in ashes, as she had wanted it. The pixie dust flew back to her orb, flying in a sort of grieving way. Maleficent paid no attention to it. It was done. That was all that mattered.

^^ yay, long chapter! xD

All credit goes to GG and her awesome siggy-making powers.
Old 07-22-2009, 11:34 PM
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...writing the next chapter as I type gosh, it's long. o_O

All credit goes to GG and her awesome siggy-making powers.
Old 07-23-2009, 04:09 AM
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I love it.
Old 08-03-2009, 10:00 PM
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that is so cool, is like the book number 3... but it going to be different since it was going to be about either epcot or MGM. but this is still awesome!

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