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Old Like OMG! How's school!?!?

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Old 10-14-2009, 01:50 AM
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ooh. I never really described my classes yet.

English: I hate that teacher. He says "all you have is lots of time" but then he rushes you. Current grade: C (76.6%)
Algebra 1 H: Last year, I took this class but I'm taking it again. This time, I'm fully going to understand. Current grade: A (99.2%)
Pre-AP Physics: Fun! Today, we started to build balloon rockets. It was fun. Current grade: A (98.4%)
World Geography: Easy day, just class discussion. also, my favorite class. Current grade: A (108.3%) <-- extra credit
Biology 1 Honors/Pre-AP: This class is just life science all over again but more depth of knowledge. Talk about an easy class. Current grade: A (90.7%)
Student Aide: EASY! I <3 this class. I'm currently decorating the library for Halloween. Current grade: A (100.0%)
Old 10-14-2009, 05:36 AM
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English: Gotta love the teacher. 6 assignments with my score over 100%. Answers questions and.. helpful and junk. Current grade: A (99%)
Algebra: Like the teacher... helpful... yeah... a bit too easy though... Current grade: A (98%)
Geography: Eh. Teacher's not that cool as a teacher, because I hate the stuff dished out. She's funny though... Current grade: A (99%)
Earth Science: Okay teacher. Stuff, a bit too easy. Current grade: A (97%)
Typing: Meh. Too easy. Way too easy. Current grade: A (100%)
Spelling: BLAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH...... Current grade: A (100%)

And then TONS of stuff outside of school... which I'm not gonna bother to explain because nobody really cares. LOL

Old 10-16-2009, 08:57 PM
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I don't really hang out here any more... But I'm bored, so I might as well post.

English 10 Honors (pre-AP)
: The teacher's cool. It's an honors class, so it requires some effort.
Chemistry: I hate this class. The science department decided to introduce a new "teaching" method that's based on observation... little or no lectures, it's all experimentation. Makes me really glad I decided not to take honors this year.
Geometry: It's fine. Easy and boring. I hate the teacher, but he loves me, so it all works out.
World History: Pretty cool. Easy. The teacher's absolutely hilarious.
Core PE: Grrr. I've always hated PE.
Drama 2: Fun. I love the teacher... and my group of theatre nerds have the same class period as I do. =]
Concert Choir: It's alright. I'm not taking choir again next year... that way I can take French.
Spanish 2: Eaaaasy. The teacher's fine, but my classmates are irritating.

I'll be much happier with next year's schedule. I'll be in AP Bio, Lifetime PE, and Algebra II.
Biology is easier (and more engaging) than Chemistry.
Algebra is easier than Geometry.
Lifetime PE coaches are better than Core PE coaches. They're more... human.

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