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Trading Post Arrange, Offer, Request Trading of Items, Pins and other things from Virtual Magic Kingdoms

Old posts asking for the trading of ACTUAL TRADING CARDS

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Old 01-05-2006, 07:17 AM
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I agree with stunticonaol. There really is no other way to trade the cards. If I have Disneyland cards and live close to Disneyland, there's really no way for me to get WDW cards. I also did a search and could not find any site where trading of the cards was allowed. I agree that kids should not give out their information, but there should be some way to be able to trade. It would be awsome to have an 18+ board for this kind of thing.
Old 01-05-2006, 12:35 PM
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Typically I use the contents of somone's posts to gauge their maturity rather than the number of posts. Just because someone has lots of posts does not mean they are mature. I also realize that there are some very mature members who are under 18 so it's not fool proof to analze content.

As far as asking a mod to be a go between, perhaps the mod does not want to give out personal information to so mant other people. A P.O. Box would be possible but then it would cost money to rent it. I think the Mods would also need to be compensated for their time.

I trust that someone someday will figure something out. What do they do at those pin trading web sites?
Old 01-05-2006, 01:52 PM
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Originally Posted by VMKForums Policy Guidlines
"Personal Information" - This site has children present therefore asking for or volunteering personal information is not allowed. Personal Info consists of Real Life Names, Age, Gender, Location, Email Address exchanges, Instant messenger ID's, Password/Account Information, School Information and other similar details. This also applies to posting personal pictures of the users, their schools, homes (that include their exact locations), etc. This applies to all forums, threads, posts, private messages, userpages, profiles, avatars and signatures. We here at and strive to keep the environment as safe as possible for our users.
For more information on Internet Safety for children please visit some these, WDIG'S Internet Safety Tips.

This Personal Info rule, along with all other rules, applies to EVERYONE on this site regardless of age.
I understand alot you are looking for ways around the rule to accomplish your trades; there is NO WAY this board will EVER allow personal info to be exchanged no matter what the reason.

As far as having a mod act as a third party, we'd be breaking the personal info rule ourselves. Mods are subject to the same rules as everyone else, if not more so; we lead by example.

VMKForums is not the place to be conducting trades that require exchange of Personal Information.

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