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Disneys Online Worlds Guide (wiki) This is the area to talk about the wiki, there is also a forum at for the wiki for those who are interested.

Old HELP! Take a Seat for the Wiki!

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Old 05-14-2008, 07:36 AM
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HELP! Take a Seat for the Wiki!

Looking for images of your character sitting on chairs and couches.

Please take the images in a Skull Rock Guest Room and either make sure the images are the same size or leave extra room around the image so I can crop them consistently if I need to. I definitely need images with only one character per image sitting in all the different possible positions on the item (so for something that seats 2 people, 2 images ). If you are ambitious, if you could also get the character sitting on the chair in each position rotated, it can't hurt (so for that 2 seater, 8 images (4 rotations, 2 positions each).

Also, as an added bonus, if you want to invite some friends to sit on the couch with you, you can submit those images as well (for these, with more that one person, it's likely that I don't have many that are not on this list so non-listed submissions are welcome- see Couches).

Images definitely needed:
  • Any New Items
  • Flying Saucer Chair Color Cyan
  • Flying Saucer Chair Color Green (also need Rotation and Inventory images for this item)
  • Haunted Mansion Rocking Chair Color Red (also need Rotation images for this item)
  • Glass Slipper Seat Color Yellow [COLOR="red"]
  • Underwater Organ Color Blue [COLOR="Red"]
  • Ariel's Treasure Chest Color Cyan
  • Blizzard Ski Chair Blue
  • Castle Suite Sofa
  • Club 33 Chair (does not have to be in a Skull Rock room, lol)
  • Davey Crockett's Canoe Couch Color Red (also need Rotation images for this item)
  • Flying Saucer Chair Color Dark Blue
  • Flying Saucer Chair Color Magenta
  • Flying Saucer Chair Color Orange
  • Lightcycle Couch Green
  • Rocketship Couch Color Green
  • Tea Cup Seat Color Green
  • Pink Lightcycle
  • Finding Nemo Clam Chair
  • Cinderella Pumpkin Carriage Chair
  • Heart Chair Yellow
  • Royal Throne Pink

*Keep checking this thread, I may be adding more needed images*

Last edited by UpInTheAir; 05-22-2008 at 02:46 AM.. Reason: "Up"dated

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