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Old My VMK History

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Old 09-16-2008, 09:06 PM
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My VMK History

I started playing VMK in about June 2005. I started out with a guy who looked really awesome and Disney-ish at the same time, I don't really remember what the name is, but it was something along the lines of DingDongDitch. In about June 2007, I created a mule named, DingleDongle, and transferred some rare and other stuff I didn't really need. I went on DingleDongle for about a week and got bored of him really easily. One day in July, I got a ten year ban. What for? I told an annoying guest to stop bothering me, because he was asking for rare. He wouldn't leave me alone, he followed me to my room and was kicked out multiple times and even followed me back into the Pirates lobby. I didn't EXACTLY tell him to stop bothering me, but I used a word that was in the dictionary, but I guess VMK didn't approve of it. I called him a lame and annoying guest. And next thing I new, a disconnection notice came upon the screen and I had been banned for ten years. First things first, I called up all my real friends who played VMK, I was flipping out. I met them on my unused mule, DingleDongle, and my awesomely awesome friends gave me some one and two-star magic to me as well as some credits through a kiosk and some rare furniture. I didn't know how I could pay them back, but they said I didn't have to. I did, anyway, but I still didn't have THAT much rare. I did some trading as well as playing pirates for three days straight and finally got some stuff for my awesomely awesome friends. They thanked me, and now we're both even. I loved playing on DingleDongle, I would go on every morning to do Jungle Cruise and then play pirates. To sum it all up, I really didn't have a life, but I still was doing sports and getting awesomely awesome grades in school. In about February 2008, the staff made me change my name. I sat in my computer chair for about twenty minutes, eating some grapes, trying to think of a name. Couldn't think of one, so I just chose a generated name. I ended up with like FushiaSmartPuppy or something. I hated the name, but I still loved my character. My friends and I were over at my place after school on April 7, 2008, all playing VMK. Only like two of my friends out of like seven that played. I read the newsletter about VMK closing and nearly screamed. I couldn't believe it, nearly three years of my favorite game in the whole wide world and it had to close JUST because it was a promotion. My friends and I were upset, VERY upset. Our lives changed completely, no more going on VMK after May 21. And once that day came, nobody talked about it until I joined these forums. They are wonderful forums and they convinced me that I should have hope in VMK coming back. And now, my friends are practically worshipping the return of VMK. And if it does come back, my life will be back to normal. Well, nothing much happened after that, just my daily life. :P

Yours sincerely,
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