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Project: SAVE VMK! General Discussion about VMK closing!

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Old 03-28-2013, 10:46 AM
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Investing in a new VMK. Need your help and knowledge!

So as we all know VMK closed down almost 6 years ago and since then a lot of us have probably grown up. I made a promise to myself when VMK closed that if I ever had the means or chance to help VMK re-open I would do so. Well I've finally gathered a decent amount of money and done well for myself and about a year ago I had the thought to invest the wealth into bringing VMK back. I figure Disney needs to see $$$ coming from VMK with potential growth and maintaining revenue in the future. So I figure if somehow I can get in contact with departments or big wigs over at Disney, and some how possibly get them to take me seriously as an investor, I can change their mind and open their eyes. I figure if I took care of the starting costs, developed a good marketing plan, a legit source of income, and even staff the project it couldn't be a chip off their sleeves. After that basically hand them a fully created project that'll make them money. I don't know how they could say no. WDW's 50th is coming up so it's perfect timing and I'm sure I'll have to get some petitioning signed and what not to prove there's an interest out there. BUT my question for you guys is....does anyone have any info or contacts as to who/what/where I should contact to get this ball rolling. Someone that will actually take me seriously. I know there was a thread, but I'm not sure if it's dated or what. Anyways, do you think this is a good idea with potential?

Disney has been trying to dabble in the MMO market for awhile now, but with no avail. I feel like VMK was their only successful online game. It sparked an outcry, almost no game has ever done that or could do that. I just don't see how they haven't opened their eyes.

Well anyways that's my rant, thanks for listening, lemme know if you can help.
Old 04-07-2013, 05:14 AM
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If you have about $20 million, they may take you up on that; as from what I understand, the reason they closed was due to re-startup costs... read this for a fact-based theory as to VMK's closing -- basically I say that they didn't want to pay to remake the game when Sulake decided to scrap the engine they were using in favor of a Flash-based alternative. If you mean more along the lines of $100,000 or so, they will likely laugh in your face as they shut the door.
Back Door Into VMK Found!!!... a day too late 0_o
Old 09-08-2013, 02:38 AM
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Gamecrazy is spinning in a Cursed Storm total Disney spent around 50 million dollars on VMK, so you would probably need that kind of money, if you do that's awesome then they might listen But a few hundred thousand wont do them much.
need it back!

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