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Old and Sold! Trading Post Archive for old trading threads or completed trading threads

Old Wanted 1* Inferno

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Old 05-12-2008, 03:27 AM
doodlebugakj doodlebugakj is offline

Join Date: Oct 2006
Posts: 615
doodlebugakj is spinning in a Cursed Storm
Wanted 1* Inferno



Blue Aladdin Carpet Chair (2)
Purple Aladdin Carpet Chair (1)
Animation Viewer (1)
Nemo Chair Pink (2)
Captain Quarter Couch (3)
Crows Nest Barstool w/poles(2)
Penny Press Blue
Penny Press Green
Penny Press Red
Penny Press Purple
Retro Turnstile Blue
Retro Turnstile Purple
Ride Operators Scoreboard Blue
Galleon Bow Chair
Galleon Stern Chair
Gingerbread Bench (5)
Cyan Hong Kong Latern
Full Kali Couch
Penny Press Gold
Pirate Treasure Chair
Prison Wall Dividers (3)
Gold Number Generator
Red Surprise Gift (3)
Gold Turnstile
Royal Throne Blue (5)
Snow Carpet (5)
Blue Solider (1)
Green Solider (3)
Stitch Teleporter Sets (2)

I have lots of the following:
Tiki Items
Halloween Items
Christmas Items
Gingerbread Items
Pirate Maze Walls (all kinds)
Magic Show Water Trap Teleporters
Orange Crates

Toad Magic (3)
Turn Into Pirate Magic (1)
Bling Magic (4)
Firework Magic (2)
2006 Holiday Pin Set
... and any other pins or pin sets since then
Tink Pin
VMK Frontierland Quest Pin
VMK Fantasyland Quest Pin
VMK Adventureland QUest Pin
Madame Leota Pin
Thrill Seekers Quest Pin (3)
New Years 2006
Hong Kong Adventureland Pin
Hong Kong Tomorrowland Pin

Have lots of the boy's and girl's items from the past 18 months so just ask

Could do big shopping sprees too if anyone wants anything in shops
Old 05-13-2008, 02:33 PM
doodlebugakj doodlebugakj is offline

Join Date: Oct 2006
Posts: 615
doodlebugakj is spinning in a Cursed Storm
Was gifted it in game, so it can be closed now

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