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Exclamation Screenshot Taking/Posting - A Layperson's Guide

Several people have asked how to take screenshots of VMK and/or display their screenshots on the forum. Through trial and error, I've managed to come up with a process that works for me, and I hope it works for you. If it doesn't, my apologies in advance but I'm probably not going to be able to help you since this is basically all I know.

Here's a step-by-step procedure I use for taking VMK screenshots on a PC (sorry Mac G3 Powerbook crashed a few years ago and I switched back to the dark side):

1) With the VMK window selected, press ALT + PRINT SCRN at the same time (PRINT SCRN is next to the F12 function key). This takes a screenshot of the active window (VMK!) rather than the entire computer screen (saves some cropping later on, that's all).

2) Open up a photo-editing program (you can use Paint if you have to, but I'd recommend something else if you have it). Start a new image, and paste your screenshot into the new image. TIP: before pasting an image into Paint, shrink the blank image to a small box. That way, when you paste in the image, it will ask if you want to resize the image (click "Yes") and then your Paint image will be the same size as your screenshot.

3) Crop the screenshot (to select a portion of the image) however you want. If you don't have a cropping tool, use the rectangle select tool to select the portion you want to crop, and then Copy/Paste the selection into a new image.

If you want to post your screenshot on the forum, read on...

4) Save the picture in one of the formats recognized by the VMK Forum: bmp, doc, gif, jpe, jpeg, jpg, pdf, png, psd, txt, & zip (yes, I realize not all of these are image formats, but then again I'm not completely sure which ones are so I'll just leave them all in for completeness). I recommend JPG since this format usually produces better colors and smaller file size than the other options.

5) Upload that picture to somewhere on the Internet, or upload it directly to the VMK forum (you get limited storage of 1 MB I think, with a maxmium file size of around 130 KB per attachment which may require some image size/quality reduction). To upload directly to the forum, start a new thread or reply to an existing thread, and then add the photo as an attachment and click "Upload". The photo will show up in your post after you submit the message. You can add up to five photos per message. If you upload your image elsewhere, then enclose the path to the image in IMG tags like this:

That is what works for me, and that is basically all I know. If you still have questions, you might want to read the FAQ or ask a moderator. Good luck!


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