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A very short... chapter 2:

hikoik gobbled down his hot dog like a vicious… Pomeranian. Savvy, watching him intently, approached him cautiously and held his hand out. “Could I have some of th—“ hikoik bit Savvy’s hand.
Flower gazed up. “Strange. I just wrote about hikoik rabies on this.” She pointed to the laptop screen, just as Candy strutted into the room.
“What’s up guys?” she asked, twisting her green flip hat to the side. Savvy whined and held his hand out.
“hikoik gave me a boo boo…”
“You know you like it,” hikoik sneered. The hot dog was now gone.
Flower’s fingers continued to rapidly smash against the keyboard, curiosity painted on her eyes. What appears to be a mischievous smirk slowly crept onto her face. Her fingers accelerated.
Candy’s eyes grew wide, and she jetted over to hikoik’s side as fast as she could.
“HIKOIK! DAHHLING! YOU LOOK SUPERBLY HANDSOME RIGHT NOW!” She batted her eyes. hikoik suspiciously raised an eyebrow, but appeared to be suddenly taken over, and had an abrupt change of heart.
“CANDY ,” he mused, sniffing her, “YOU SMELL DELIGHTFUL! JUST LIKE CANDY CANES!” hikoik grabbed her arms forcefully and the two began to tango across the room.
Flower stood up from her skele-chair and laughed maniacally as a flash of lightning shot across the sky. Bewildered, Savvy walked over to Flower. “What is going on?”
“The start of my fun,” she replied, cringing her face together with a smirk.