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I can only agree with CapnOlaf. We were given the opportunity to enjoy the night of our lives on our final day of VMK, and even after VMK has closed, we are still accusing Yavn of lying and staff and other moderators being lazy.

(1) Yavn technically never lied. He told the truth. At that time, if Flying Carpet Magic was supposed to be released, than that is the truth, and obviously he would tell us, but things come up and things happen.

(2) VMK did have many glitches the following morning, and tempting the servers and systems could have easily malfunctioned the system completely, causing a mass catastrophe. Though the magic itself is complicated in the game, the way a server looks at it is more data that cannot be contained. VMK releasing all of those items was extremely dangerous in the first place.

(3) All VMK staff were told they were working to May 21, 2008, to when the clock striked closing, and they worked to that point. No staff was necessarily "lazy", and or any technical producer or moderator showed any laziness. We receieved some of the most amazing items released in the hisory of VMK, and I personally feel we should be grateful for what we recieved and not what we didn't.

I am sorry if this offended anyone, but it is my personal opinion and is the way I feel.
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