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Originally Posted by MagicMonkeys View Post
Here's yavn's "answer":

There are toooo many bugs with Flying Carpet Magic.
Yeah, I don't think they should have released it during the last night. People would have crashed.

Originally Posted by Mega_Joe View Post
didnt they release the X2 spaceship magic full-ue on the last day? Hmm...
That didn't have any bugs that anyone's aware of.

Originally Posted by EtnaGreen View Post
Its not surprisng to me considering how often yavn lies, but I really have no idea why.
Now, you don't know that! How can we really be certain he's lying?

Originally Posted by Friez View Post
Bugs... sure... More like: "I'm too lazy to release it."
We had enough stuff before closing as there was, we don't need to be greedy.

Can't we just be happy with what we had before VMK closed?
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