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Originally Posted by Alexander
It's a fairness issue. If there was only one boys only outfit, even just one item, I would stop complaining. But it looks like that may not be the case unless the Peter Pan hat is strickly boys only.

Which is the last hope for me seeing how I have yet to see a screen shot of a girl with it on. Then again, the Peter Pan hat screen cap is how old? Who knows if they rewrote the code or not. All I know is that it will be coming out as you can see an avatar with it on the VMK maps, and so far it appears to be a boy only that is wearing that hat.

Like I said, I'll stop the complaining if and when I get read a confirmation or some kind of visual confirmation that at least one item is boys only.

Now you have to admit, given my past fairness issues, this is pretty much a better compromise. I could have said I would stop complaining if they made and equal number of costumes that only boys get to even things out, but I didn't. I settled for just even a hat that only boys can wear.
I understand what you mean. It's not about being selfish and self-centered, and that it's all ****** that "girls rule, boys drool" or vise versa. It's that it would be cool if there was an item or two that was for boys only, because there are now two that are girls only.

Remember, though. Most clothing that is made for men, woman can wear openly and freely to their hearts content. It's simply not a big deal that a girl would rather dress like a boy. However, a man usually does not prefer to be in a skirt, dress, or brassiere because they are feminine items. Either boys are too manly to wear girls clothes, or they're afraid of being taunted till their death for it. It makes me sad that girls can wear virtually whatever male clothing they want without comment, but boys can't were a night gown when they go to sleep without being picked on. It makes me wonder how closed-minded most of the world is.