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Just a Normal Day of Random Epic Proportions

Chapter 1:

“Flower, what are you doing?” Shark asked, walking into her lair of evilnessness. Flower shot him a glare and continued slaving away, slamming her fingers into the keyboard. “You seem so concentrated on that.”
“BECAUSE,” Flower started, the light from the computer screen creating hard shadows on her face. “I AM WRITING A STORY.”
Shark’s eyes glowed. “A story? Are you continuing that stupid story of yours?”
“No,” replied Flower, stroking her chin. “Nobody’s ever online anymore, anyway.”
“Hey, what about me,” replied Shark, shooting her a look.
“Well, you…”
Shark sat down on her desk, a bit creeped out by her lair. I mean, Maleficent’s fortress isn’t much of a perky place. He avoided looking at the dragon in the background spouting flames.
“So wait, let me great this straight. You’re writing a story… even though you just said you won’t continue the other story because there’s nobody on the forum anymore?”
“You confuse me.”
“Don’t I always?”
Light glanced over at Flower. “Hurry up and finish whatever it is you’re doing. I’m bored and I wanna read something.”
“How did you get in here…?” asked Flower, but then quickly shrugged it off. Light was evil, and tended to pop in in ways that no one could describe.
“YEAH, hurry Flower. I’m bored too.”
“I’M TRYING,” boomed Flower. “I’m already writing really badly with no description nor soul into it. The characters are just like, saying lines all bluntly. I don’t even sound like myself in it. This shouldn’t take too long.”
“What’s it about?” asked Light, taking a seat in one of the skeleton chairs. She didn’t seem to mind their boney-nessness..ness…ness. Unlike Shark. He’d rather sit on the purple desk. Well, it wasn’t much of a desk anyway. It was the purple table that Esmeralda uses to look into her awesome crystal ball. But I--I mean… Flower liked to call it a desk.
Flower shrugged. “Oh, I don’t know. Something random, like about hikoik asking for a hot dog in Central Plaza when obviously, they only serve popcorn. Maybe I should add Savvy in too, just for the heck of it. Candy and Soda… rockertinkyobasepurplesoccer? ”
“Don’t forget me,” added Light, flashing one of her familiar “” faces.
“GUYS!” a familiar voice yelled. The three looked up to see an astonished hikoik holding a hot dog to his face. “YOU’LL NEVER BELIEVE WHAT I MANAGED TO GET FROM CENTRAL PLAZA!”
Light muttered. “Isn’t VMK closed?” Flower shot her a look.
“Iunno. We’re sitting in this scarily-impossible-VMK-themed room, aren’t we?”