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Originally Posted by VMKForums Policy Guidlines
"Personal Information" - This site has children present therefore asking for or volunteering personal information is not allowed. Personal Info consists of Real Life Names, Age, Gender, Location, Email Address exchanges, Instant messenger ID's, Password/Account Information, School Information and other similar details. This also applies to posting personal pictures of the users, their schools, homes (that include their exact locations), etc. This applies to all forums, threads, posts, private messages, userpages, profiles, avatars and signatures. We here at and strive to keep the environment as safe as possible for our users.
For more information on Internet Safety for children please visit some these, WDIG'S Internet Safety Tips.

This Personal Info rule, along with all other rules, applies to EVERYONE on this site regardless of age.
I understand alot you are looking for ways around the rule to accomplish your trades; there is NO WAY this board will EVER allow personal info to be exchanged no matter what the reason.

As far as having a mod act as a third party, we'd be breaking the personal info rule ourselves. Mods are subject to the same rules as everyone else, if not more so; we lead by example.

VMKForums is not the place to be conducting trades that require exchange of Personal Information.

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