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Disney just for kids? I highly doubt it. Disney is a place for everyone. I've been to both Universal and Busch Gardens and I've been on every single attraction but i still think Disney is a much much better place even though i'm a teenager. Disney include so much more detail and hidden facts into their parks than any other. E.g. Have you noticed when you enter Main Street you see gas lamps, as you start walking and exit Main Street you see electric lamps. Your walking into the future!
"Somehow, I can't believe that there are any heights to be scaled by a man who knows the secret of making dreams come true. The special secret it seems to me is summarized in four C's. They are Curiosity, Courage, Confidence and Constancy. And the greatest of all is Confidence. When you believe in a thing, believe in it all the way, implicitly and unquestionably. " - Walter Elias Disney

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