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scene kid?hah
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What Makes Disney Different

Universal Studios

Look and listen to yourself saying those park names, out of kid,teen and adult put them into groups

BuschGardens Kid and Teen (kids the land of dinosaurs)
Universal Studios Kid and Teen (kids the DR.Seuss)
DisneyWorld/Land Kids :/

I just came back from busch gardens and rode sheikra, montu, kumba EVERYTHING!! An amazing experiance. Super awesome but that is because of the fact that that I enjoy upside down intense rides because I am older. The land of dinosaurs is huge and has some sort of thrill for kids. When I was little I enjoyed many of the dr.seuss rides in universal studios. That same year of universal studios I rode rockin rollecoasters. Not to much thrill. I am not saying I perfer BuschGardens and Universal Studios then disney. I love them both the same but if you think about it... REALLY think about it. Attraction wise They are very different. Please think about this thread and DO NOT POST ANY HATRID THOUGHTS OR OPINIONS.