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Originally Posted by Akovia View Post
Well, I am very addicted to the Cheetah Girls songs. I am a semi fan of the cheetah girls. Thats because I'm not a big fan of the disney television network, although I watch it a lot more than nickelodeon. The nickelodeon television network is not as good but I strangely like it more. Probabaly because of NBB and mighty bee and spongebob. The rest of the show on the nickelodeon netowork are not really amusing, especially Icarly. Their humor/jokes are so corny, in my opinion. No offense to them lol. Once they start giving nbb again, I'm probably gonna ignore disney, then get back to disney when season 3 is over. NBB strangely only comes out in January-June. And maybe once-Twice in the summer on digital download days.
Yep, according to the wiki it's supposed to air early 2009.

Originally Posted by wiki
The third season began filming on July 21, 2008 and is expected to air in early 2009.