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Originally Posted by Flame Gun View Post
Quote from another VMKF Member StarBP:

This is an outstanding observation StarBP well done!

Ok now onto the info:

Remember at the end of VMK, when people kept getting messages like "Out of Memory" then a bunch of numbers, and would have to restart to get back in? That was probably the cause of this. Also take note -

No NEW Items were released after April 15th. They all were never realeased items. VMK probably outstanded the number of items for a 16-Bit System. As StarBP smartly stated, was 65,536.
Which is quite alot, and the # of items in VMK could easily add up to that. A transfer from a sytem can take up to 6 Months. Doing in such would require in the following activites:

Refixturating Color Files to 32-Bit
Refixturating Script Files to Work
Refixturating Texture Details to work with 32-Bit System
Moving Files from one system to another.
Configurating Server Files to work with 32-Bit.

My idea is VMK will not re-open as VMK, but will re-open as something, very alike, but different. While where here, let me tell you a story of another game made by Sulake, (sulake made VMK).

Ironic how they both closed on there Opening Days right before 2009.
Did Sulake do this on purpose? Or was this intentional by the game beholders?

My Theroy:
VMK will come back as a Pay-to-Play game with the returning features of In-Park Questing in Fall/Winter 2008.
Don't forget, Disney closed VMK, not Sulake. Whether or not Disney closed VMK for this reason, we'll never know. But remember, Disney has stated that VMK would not re-open.

My prediction is that we'll see some incarnation of it will open in October 2008.

Also remember, Disney continually downgraded their servers until VMK closed. Your information is good, but in my opinion your theory is somewhat baseless. (Coke and Disney are two completely separeate companies.)
Originally Posted by ozzietropics
My prediction is that we'll see some incarnation of it will open in October 2008.
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