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UpInTheAir 09-29-2008 09:24 PM

This Week in VMK (September 29-October 5)
This Week in VMK!
September 29-October 5

Welcome to the third installment of our new feature, This Week in VMK!
Take a peek into VMK's past as we remember some of the things that were happening...this week in VMK!

Click on the links to get more information from our VMK DOW wiki!

Missed an installment? Check out the "This Week in VMK" Archives.


September 30th:


The Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel Pin is released as the sixth pin in the Hong Kong Disneyland Pin Set. It is sold in the Emporium for 250 credits.

October 5th: BIG CHANGES

Tomorrowland Released
Click the image to view the full version

Tomorrowland opens! Players can visit the Star Traders Shop or visit the Tomorrowland Hub where they can check out the Tomorrowland Arcade. The only game available to play was Airlock Escape where players were challenged to solve a series of puzzles. Players who completed all 15 levels won a secret code that got them the Deep Sea Diving Jacket, Deep Sea Diving Trousers, and Deep Sea Diving Boots.

VMK Esplanade Released
Click the image to view the full version

A new addition to Main Street! The VMK Esplanade is released as the main entrance to VMK.

Haunted Mansion Sneak Peek
Click the image to view the full version

Players are invited into the Haunted Mansion Lobby as they are told that the new game will be "Haunting Soon!"

Halloween Decorations!
Click the image to view the full versionClick the image to view the full version
Click the image to view the full version

Main Street, Town Square, and the Castle Forecourt are decorated for Halloween.


http://www.disneyonlineworlds.com/im...earpumpkin.jpg http://www.disneyonlineworlds.com/im...easure_Rug.JPG http://www.disneyonlineworlds.com/im...letonchair.jpg http://www.disneyonlineworlds.com/im...alldivider.jpg http://www.disneyonlineworlds.com/im...abogcarpet.jpg

VMK releases some spooky items.
The Mickey Ear Pumpkin is available for purchase in the Emporium for 250 credits.
The Pirate's Treasure Rug is available for purchase in the Emporium for 250 credits.
The Skeleton Chair is available for purchase in the Emporium for 300 credits.
The Spider Web Wall Divider is available for purchase in the Emporium for 250 credits.
The Chernabog Carpet is available for purchase in the Emporium for 250 credits.

http://www.disneyonlineworlds.com/im...vingjacket.jpg http://www.disneyonlineworlds.com/im...ngtrousers.jpg http://www.disneyonlineworlds.com/im...ivingboots.jpg

Airlock Escape Prizes
Deep Sea Diving Jacket, Deep Sea Diving Trousers, and Deep Sea Diving Boots are released via the Airlock Escape game.


September 30th:

http://www.disneyonlineworlds.com/im...atadiscpin.jpg http://www.disneyonlineworlds.com/im...ransporter.jpg

The Tron Data Disc Pin is released as the fifth pin in the Tron Pin Set. It is sold in the Emporium for 500 credits.

The Tron Transporter is released. It is sold in the Inner-Space shop for 1000 credits.

Retired: 50th Celebration Quest

http://www.disneyonlineworlds.com/im...ctorschair.jpg http://www.disneyonlineworlds.com/im...keylantern.jpg http://www.disneyonlineworlds.com/im...thquestpin.jpg

The 50th Celebration Quest at Disneyland is retired.
Guests who visit Disneyland can no longer win the prizes of the 50th Celebration Director's Chair, 50th Celebration Mickey Lantern, and the 50th Celebration Quest Pin.

October 1st:

Retired: 50th Mickey's Quest
Click the image to view the full version

The 50th Mickey's Quest (in-game) is retired.

October 2nd:

Happy Halloween!
Click the image to view the full version

Halloween decorations are put up again! This time a decorated Loading and Map Loading Screen are included in the mix. Town Square, Main Street, Central Plaza, Haunted Mansion Lobby, Haunted Mansion Stretching Room, Haunted Mansion Ballroom, and the Haunted Mansion Attic all get into the spooky spirit.

Pirate Treasure!
http://www.disneyonlineworlds.com/im...ysingleuse.jpg http://www.disneyonlineworlds.com/im...ysingleuse.jpg http://www.disneyonlineworlds.com/im...ysingleuse.jpg

Pirate Treasure Keys are awarded from the Pirates of the Caribbean Game, plus new game options in Pirates (for example, the ability to switch sides).


Along with the Halloween changes, new hairstyles are released (one for boys, two for girls). There is also a new Settings Button on the toolbar, and the In-Trade icon (http://www.disneyonlineworlds.com/im...Trade-Icon.jpg) above player's heads. The lanyard is expanded to hold 15 pins.

Discovery Island Removal
Click the image to view the full version

Discovery Island in Adventureland is removed.

http://www.disneyonlineworlds.com/im...pumpkinbag.jpg http://www.disneyonlineworlds.com/im...Kingscrown.jpg http://www.disneyonlineworlds.com/im.../5b/Batbag.jpg http://www.disneyonlineworlds.com/im...eyghostpin.JPG

Halloween Items are released!
The Halloween Bat Bag andHalloween Ghost Pin are released as HOST_ prizes.
The Halloween Pumpkin Bag and Turn Into Bat Magic Single Use are sold in the Emporium for 200 credits each.
The Kings Crown (Male Only!) is sold in the Emporium for 1000 credits.

http://www.disneyonlineworlds.com/im...acketbrown.jpg http://www.disneyonlineworlds.com/im...usersbrown.jpg http://www.disneyonlineworlds.com/im...shoesbrown.jpg
Brown Haunted Mansion Costume is released

Haunted Mansion Jacket Brown , Haunted Mansion Trousers Brown, and Haunted Mansion Shoes Brown are released. The Haunted Mansion Tophat is re-released.

Pirate Treasure Chest Prizes are released

http://www.disneyonlineworlds.com/im...teMazeWall.jpg http://www.disneyonlineworlds.com/im...cannonwall.jpg http://www.disneyonlineworlds.com/im...mazeturret.jpg

Prizes from the Pirate's Treasure Room Chests are released: Pirate Maze Wall, Pirate Maze Cannon Wall, Pirate Maze Turret, and Turn Into Coral Magic Pin Single Use

http://www.disneyonlineworlds.com/im...on_Top_Hat.jpg http://www.disneyonlineworlds.com/im...acketblack.jpg http://www.disneyonlineworlds.com/im...usersblack.jpg http://www.disneyonlineworlds.com/im...hoes_Black.jpg

http://www.disneyonlineworlds.com/images/8/88/Tiara.jpg http://www.disneyonlineworlds.com/im...llowBodice.jpg http://www.disneyonlineworlds.com/im...ellowSkirt.jpg http://www.disneyonlineworlds.com/im...owSlippers.jpg

http://www.disneyonlineworlds.com/im...earpumpkin.jpg http://www.disneyonlineworlds.com/im...letonchair.jpg http://www.disneyonlineworlds.com/im...alldivider.jpg http://www.disneyonlineworlds.com/im...abogcarpet.jpg


  • Yavn
    talks about the new game updates!
  • Tips on trading etiquette.
  • The Yeti answers a question on park attractions.
  • Push's trivia question quizzes players on how much they know about Disney Parks.
  • Top Players: ChampionStitch, GoofyJenn, ChristyGirlYa, and DarthJLC.

October 3rd:

http://www.disneyonlineworlds.com/im...ankseatred.jpg http://www.disneyonlineworlds.com/im...seatyellow.jpg http://www.disneyonlineworlds.com/im...ransporter.jpg

http://www.disneyonlineworlds.com/im...elmet_Blue.jpg http://www.disneyonlineworlds.com/im..._Vest_Blue.jpg http://www.disneyonlineworlds.com/im...Pants_Blue.jpg http://www.disneyonlineworlds.com/im...Boots_Blue.jpg
October 5th


Fin's Quivering Quest Madness is featured on the Q button today.


All September:

Dream Month!

Players spent the month of September hoping to be awarded a prize from the VMK Dream Squad. No new items were released during this week in VMK and nothing was retired.

October 1st


Dreams Items
Quest Items
Halloween Time!


Halloween decorations are put up again!

Game Updates
  • New Inventory System
  • New Shop System
  • New Item Loading
  • New Character Loading Animation
  • New Direct Link to the Monorail
  • New Halloween Hairstyles (Boy's Vampire)
  • Empty Dark Ride Room gets sound
See October 2007 Updates

October 4th:


Candy Cauldron re-released.

October 5th

http://www.disneyonlineworlds.com/im...MickeyEars.JPG http://www.disneyonlineworlds.com/im...amsLogoPin.JPG http://www.disneyonlineworlds.com/im...msFairyPin.JPG

Dream Mickey Ears, Dreams Logo Pin, and Dreams Fairy Pin are now all tradeable.

http://www.disneyonlineworlds.com/im...ColorBlack.jpg http://www.disneyonlineworlds.com/im...GhostWhite.jpg http://www.disneyonlineworlds.com/im...leCardsPin.jpg

http://www.disneyonlineworlds.com/im...pireJacket.jpg http://www.disneyonlineworlds.com/im...mpirePants.jpg http://www.disneyonlineworlds.com/im...mpireShoes.jpg

http://www.disneyonlineworlds.com/im..._Witch_Hat.JPG http://www.disneyonlineworlds.com/im..._Dress_Top.JPG http://www.disneyonlineworlds.com/im...ess_Bottom.JPG http://www.disneyonlineworlds.com/im...itch_Shoes.JPG


:wave2: Thanks for reading and join us again next week as we remember VMK's past :wave2:

MLKnCookies 09-30-2008 12:36 AM

That's when I joined in 2005! Wasn't around for 2006 but 2007 I totally remember. Didn't they stop selling certain items a few days after they first went on sale? Boy's vampire hair, I still don't like that. And all those updates (loading systems)... yay?

RobertSDCA 09-30-2008 12:42 AM

This is really cool and fun. I like looking back and seeing what happened this time last year, the year before, etc.

the_phoenix 09-30-2008 02:31 AM

Gosh...this brings back so many good memories again! Lol, I when I first read this, I was like "Oooh, I remember trying to get that!"

Pink_Bink 09-30-2008 02:51 AM

So many memories.. I miss VMK.
But, I do love the Halloween items. :)

izzie 09-30-2008 01:11 PM

Oooh, this was the week I won best game! :D

StitchMad 09-30-2008 08:03 PM

Woot, another week! :)
Let's see now...

2005, pin release. I remember seeing that pin, but not actually buying it due to it being too expensive. Remember this was the time when pirates only awarded 25 credits per game! I traded for it sometime.. no idea when though. Probably a few months after at a HOST Game.

Tomorrowland opening! Oh this was awesome. I loved the hub, I used to sit there for hours each day just LOOKING at it. Airlock Escape was cool too. The diving suit was nice and easy to get with the spoilers posted (woot!), and they also traded well. Until they made them untradeable.. boo.

Esplanade was awesome too, and so was the new Haunted Mansion. I remember people posting about the "NEW Haunted Mansion Game!!!11one" which was going to be so cool, and I had simply no information about it. Turned out to be one of the best mini-games though. :)

The Halloween decor was cool, but it was the same each time, so it DID get kinda boring after a while. Also funny when they left Halloween decor up until Christmas... LOL!! The furniture was pretty cool too. The Halloween and Christmas furni were probably my favorite two sets..

No more 50th quest? Boo! I loved doing that quest in park! (well.. I loved filling them out, getting the answers from the spoilers.. :rolleyes:)

Now the new pirates game.. what a GREAT day! I remember coming home from school. It was a Wednesday, and my mom was sat on the couch talking about a new pirates game, saying it's darker and spookier. Again, I remember everyone talking about some pirate keys, and I couldn't gather any information until yavn told me in the treasure room... crazy!

Dreams month.. let's not go there. :) They did give us some AWESOME prizes though, and the candy cauldron during Halloween. One of the best pieces of furniture!!

All that has just been written as what comes to my head when I read the post.. so it may be difficult to understand.
Thanks for posting Up, it's brought back some GREAT memories!

ACECpt.RICH 09-30-2008 08:25 PM

This brings back so many memories, and makes me miss VMK even more. It's hard to believe it's been over four months now...

I loved all of those items, especially the halloween bags.


sunnyskye 09-30-2008 11:37 PM

Yeah I really loved the Halloween Bags. I always remember being so excited in VMK for Halloween as it was the best time for getting awesome items. I just wish I could get on and have that same excited feeling again...

Tepcat 10-01-2008 12:05 AM

Truly awesome work Up;-)

I love the fact that you are able to include so many pictures, it really brings back memories.

anna3426 10-01-2008 12:57 AM

that made meh remember all of vmk and i miss vmk will it come back?

Destination 10-01-2008 04:36 AM

I remember all this . . . :(

It makes me so sad.

acefredfred 10-02-2008 04:06 PM

Hehe.. There were some items in VMK that I never got... :P
- acefredfred

autoalice 10-02-2008 05:18 PM

Seeing the Tron stuff just kills me :(
That was my families favorite things. There was at least one character in Tron every day since it was released. I always knew when my boys were playing because they'd change the avatar into it. Last day was no exceptionm Furrest wore it to the bitter end.
I feel like crying all over again
Thank you for these reviews, I am completely enjoying them!

LexieandTink 10-02-2008 10:26 PM

This is awesome!
Thx for doing this!
Played since beta, and I remember most of this. I love it!

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