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1) Cursing

The IRC channel caters to many children and adults, therefore it is a G-Rated channel. G-Rated means:

You should not use any words or phrases that would be inappropriate in a Children's Disney Cartoon from 15 years ago.

NOTE: See for a more exact definition.

Using such Words/Phrases after being warned can result in being kicked and/or banned.

2) Personal Information

We ask that those in the #toontowncentral IRC channel do not disclose any personal information. Personal Information consists of:

Full Name, Age, Gender, Location and other similar details. This also includes seeking such information via private messaging to any user on the #toontowncentral, #toontowntrivia, or #vmkforums user list.

Asking for such information after being warned can result in you being kicked and/or banned.

3) Respect for Operators
Respect the decisions of the Ops in channel to kick or ban a user. Ops are trusted to make decisions so that all users can be safe and enjoy themselves. Sometimes decisions have to be made quickly so that young persons are not exposed to inappropriate language or ideas. If you feel that this decision was inappropriate, please feel free to ask the Op responsible in a private message why they made this decision. Attempts to revoice or unban yourself will result in permanent banishment.

4) Flooding

Please do not Flood the channel. Flooding means:

To type a lot of information at once, causing the chat page to fill up and making chatting difficult for other users to read. Flooding is generally considered more than 5 lines in a row. This is also known as spamming

This includes repeating the same thing again and again:

User122: HI!
User122: HI!
User122: HI!
User122: HI!
User122: HI!
User122: HI!

Or typing random characters to flood the room:

User122: fkjfkfu903qur
User122: 843891348jaskljdfl
User122: 3481248fjajl;ad
User122: 84840898
User122: 3842384
User122: jefosdjsdf
User122: l;ffjds
User122: jsklfsdklf
User122: lkklsda'

Constantly changing your nick can also be considered flooding. Typing successive emoticons is considered flooding. Please be aware that large Ascii art is also considered flooding - ask an Op before posting Ascii art to the channel.

5) Capitalization

Please do not use excessive capitals. The use of Capital letters to talk in the chat room is considered rude and is interpreted as yelling.

ex: "HI!! HOW ARE YOU TODAY? ARE YOU PLAYING VMK?" is considered rude by other users of the channel.

Whether you agree with this or not, please consider that other users may find this offensive or annoying.

Please use capitals only as punctuation or to emphasize a point.

6) Color

Please do not use color in the chatrooms.

Some people are using programs other than the Java Chat or mIRC to chat. This means that the colors you are using are not seen the same way on their monitor.

Users may consider some colors to be too bright and uncomfortable for their eyes. Please refrain from using color/colour in the chat room.

7) Sharing Accounts

Do not ask for, request, or share accounts. IRC has authentication for users who are regular attendees. These users can register and have automatic actions taken for them on connection. Please do not share these accounts as the owner of the account will be held responsible for all actions of the account.

To authenticate please ask an OP for details.

8) Impersonation
Masquerading as another member, an op, a member of the official Disney TT or VMK cast member/crew, or otherwise someone you're not, is a serious offence. Please do not impersonate others.

9) Advertising/Songs

Do not advertise other channels or websites. We do not allow advertising of other channels or websites, because we have no control over what content might be there that could be non G-Rated.

In addition to this, we do not allow the song scripts in IRC. These are the scripts that use action command to show: *silly_zanny_boing is listening to [Humpty Dumpty - The Wall] This also includes manual posting of song related information.

10) Negativity
By acting negative, you effect the whole room. Keep the spirits up so we can all have a good time.

11) Politics and Religion

These are not G-Rated topics and can lead to negativity. So they should not be discussed.

12) English Only

These chat rooms are English only. Please speak English so that everyone will understand and share in the fun.

13) Bugs (Glitches)
Bugs (glitches) are part of all games. Exploitation of these is not condoned by VMKForums and therefore discussion of them is prohibited on that channel.

14) Asking for Operator status

This is annoying. Operators are generally IRC users that have shown, over a long period of time, that they can be trusted to obey the rules. Constantly asking to be an operator can get you kicked or banned.

15) Trading
VMKforumsis not a trading depot and this activity is prohibited on the channel, instead post your offers in the trading post forum.

16) Bots
Only operator sanctioned bots are allowed on the channel. These bots will be registered by the operators, and in most cases run by the operators. No other bots are allowed and could result in the user being banned.

17) Clones

You are allowed to have "cloned IPs" if you're on some form of Internet connection sharing and can prove that the person on the other handle is NOT yourself. Be aware, however, that you can only have a maximum of FOUR connections on that IP address. Also, failing to prove that you're on Internet sharing will get you kicked and/or banned.

Violations of rules

Some Guidelines and Rules to use when chatting in the IRC channels:

Note: All rule violations will be met with a possibility of 5 outcomes with severity in the folowing order:

  1. Warning - You are asked not to do the action again. Most small infraction will result in a warning.
  2. DeVoice - Voice is removed from your user and the channel is moderated. You will not be able to talk, only listen.
  3. Kick - You will be removed from the channel.
  4. Temporary Ban - You will be removed from the channel and not permitted to reenter for a certain period of time.
  5. Permanent Ban - You will not longer be ablet to access the channel.

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