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***Site Guidelines***
All guidelines and policies apply to both and All guidelines and policies apply to all forums, threads, posts, private messages, userpages, profiles, avatars and signatures. Please read careful as there is no valid reason for violating any policy with the excuse "I didn't know it was a policy." or "I didn't think that was the meaning of that rule.". Ignorance of the rules is never acceptable. If you are questioning yourself on whether or not your actions are in violation of the site rules then, you should refrain from doing that action and ask an Admin or Moderator before proceeding. Keep in mind that Moderators/Administrators have final say about what happens on this site and their decisions are are final.

Inappropriate/Non G-Rated discussions
Posts which contains subjects such as: foul language/cussing, nudity and s*x, violence, drug or alcohol use (or any other illegal substance), etc., and/or that may be offensive to parents of younger children, will be removed immediately. This includes foul language, inappropriate pictures or external website links that may be inappropriate for children. If you are uncertain as to whether a certain word, image, or link is allowed, contact a moderator or administrator before adding it to this site. This applies to all forums, threads, posts, private messages, userpages, profiles, avatars and signatures.

Personal Information
his site has children present therefore asking for or volunteering personal information is not allowed. Personal Info consists of Real Life Names, Age, Gender, Location, Email Address exchanges, Instant messenger ID's, Password/Account Information, School Information and other similar details. This also applies to posting personal pictures of the users, their schools, homes (that include their exact locations), etc. This includes posting this information through Private Messages. We here at and strive to keep the environment as safe as possible for our users. For more information on Internet Safety for children please visit some these sites:, WDIG'S Internet Safety Tips.

Any posts that are hateful or mean in nature will be removed immediately. We do not tolerate attacks based on race, religion, gender, s**ual orientation, or political affiliation or any posts indicating grieving other users on the forums or in game by purposefully causing them to go sad because of their laugh limit, gag limit, age, etc.. No personal threats or harassment. This includes posting pictures representing an attack. Debate opinions and not the people behind them.

Naming Names
This falls under "Flaming". Naming people or their characters in negative light is not permitted. That person is not able to defend themselves or their actions and what seems like an inappropriate action, which can often be a simple misunderstanding, can lead to a negative reaction against that toon (avoidance, revenge). If someone griefs you in the game, report it to VMK Staff or Report the user imediately . If someone griefs you on this site, PM an admin or moderator or report their posts.

Intentionally posting false arguments, flames or personal attacks for no other purpose than to incite a negative reaction, annoy others or disrupt a discussion is also prohibited. These perpetrators are known as "trolls".

Highly Controversial Topics
These conversations tend to lead to violent outbursts based on strong personal beliefs. Posts which contain political commentary, religious or other highly controversial topics will be removed and action will be taken depending on the severity. These topics may (but are not limited to) contain beliefs/opinions on religion, political subject matter (i.e., new governmental laws, candidates, etc.), abortion, se*ual orientation and/or highly controversial current events.

Cross-posting/Multiple Posting
is copying posts/threads several times throughout the forum or consecutive (one right after another) replies to a thread or posting to bump a thread to the top for no logicial or beneficial reason (you are allowed one bump per thread every 24 hours). One thread per new subject / one reply needed (use the Edit feature if you need to add something). Repeat/cross-postings will be removed/moved/merged as needed.


"Spam" refers to posting identical and/or irrelevant messages to one thread or many different threads that has nothing to do with the intended subject that disrupts a thread or fills the message board with clutter. Mass PMing people you don't know or who haven't invited you to PM them, boosting post count, excessive bumping of threads, one or two letter replies (i.e. ok, LOL, Yes, agreed, nods) and excessive use of smileys as a response are all considered "spam".


Bumping your thread so that it is moved to a higher position in the forum to be more noticeable to others is allowed; however, please remember this, BUMPS are only allowed once per day per thread AFTER a thread has been inactive for 24 hours.

Off-topic/Nonsense posts
If your post/thread doesn't make sense or is filled with gibberish, these posts will be removed. While we expect that some topics will stray a bit, if it completely hijacks the thread and/or disrupts the flow, those posts will either be removed or split into its own thread, and extremely discouraged.

Irritating posting styles
Use of all caps (indicates yelling), caps/lowercase variances (I wAnT A sEcReT fRiEnD) and excessive punctuation (yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) are both irritating and sometimes hard to read, and not allowed.

*Signature Lengths*
Users should be considerate of other users on the forums. Excessive signatures cause the flow of the threads to be disrupted. Signature lengths over 10 text lines will be removed from user's profiles. This also applies to graphics that are larger than 500 x 200 pixels in length and width size. It doesn't matter how big the font size is as long as the total dimensions taken up by the signature text & graphic does not exceed 500 x 200 in pixels length and width.

So the total dimensions of the signature should not exceed this size: Example of Signature Size

Favoritism Posts/Polls
This includes posts that indicates "Who's the best poster, player, toon", etc. These often lead to confrontations when a person expresses a negative opinion about another person.

Whether for personal gain or for private use, personal web sites, personal message boards, user created IRC channels and chat rooms which are not endorsed by or are not to be posted anywhere in threads (including avatars, user titles & signatures), chat rooms or in IRC as we are unable to maintain the level of their content, which may or may not be suitable for children. You may, however, direct members to look at your profile and/or PM ONLY your friends if you wish to share this information with them. If you participate in mass PMing people you don't know, we will consider this spamming (see under "Spamming"). Profiles may be checked for content periodically & if deemed inappropriate will be removed and will be dealt with on a case by case basis.


Creating posts in which a user attempts to take advantage of any other user by taking or falsely trading items such as in lotteries/raffles or any other forms of gambling is not allowed. Trading items through the ToonTown Cattlelog for monetary gain, buying time to power level toons/players, etc or posts relating to such acts are not allowed.

A scam is the act of acquiring item(s) or any other possession from another player through misinformation, confusion, or fraud. Posts which include advertised player-run games, contests, clubs, or groups that require entry/participation based on items given to the owner of the event are not allowed. We do not allowing the advertising of games that can cause harm to some members while enriching others. "Project Credits", "Donate your T-shirts for this prize," and similar types of posts/games/contests are not within the standards we have set for or These perpetrators are known as scammers and these types of acts will not be tolerated on our site.

Impersonation of other Users & Staff
Creating accounts on the site with similar names of existing users or staff from vmk in order to cause chaos or misconceptions towards that person is not allowed and it can lead to permanent suspension from the site.

Multiple / Sharing Accounts

Members are only allowed one username per person in a household and are strongly discouraged from sharing accounts with other family members and / or friends. In terms of guideline violations, moderators/administrators may track multiple shared accounts from single or multiple computers as one account. If a guideline violation is severe enough, it may become necessary to ban/delete one or all of the usernames on the same computer, depending on the severity. You are responsible for anyone and everyone who uses your account and/or accesses other accounts from your computer.

The actions of one person could easily directly impact all known shared message board accounts.

**NOTE: This does not apply to Admins/Moderators, we sometimes need multiple accounts to test technical issues that come up from various user levels and to do that properly it requires us to create "test" accounts.

Personal Ads

Creating posts announcing Toon/Player weddings, engagements, boyfriends/girlfriends and/or toon/player "dating" are not allowed due to the inappropriate nature the posts usually end up taking. Children are present on the site and the G-rating is enforced in all areas. and are not dating services.

Reputation System Misuse

The Reputation system allows our members to leave comments about one anothers' posts, and thereby contribute to their overall 'reputation'. The following uses of the Reputation System on this site are not allowed:

  • Reputation Fraud: Creating multiple accounts to give negative or positive reputation to other members or your own account. Soliciting other members/friends to give mass negative or positive repuation to your account or another user's account is also fraud.
  • Reputation Harassment: Purposely giving negative reputation to a user because of personal dislikes of the user or retaliation towards a user. This also includes soliciting other members to gang up on another user to give that user negative reputation.
  • Reputation Comments: Giving personal information through reputation comments or trolling/flaming. Our policies still apply for reputation comments and will be dealt with the same as if their comments were PMed to a user. If you obtain any reputation comments that violate any of our policies, then you should contact a mod about this immediately.
  • Reputation Begging: The act of requesting reputation from other users is called reputation begging. This also includes Signatures, Titles, PM's, posts containing requests or encouragement to give you or another user positive or negative reputation points.
  • Reputation Bribery: The act of requesting reputation in trade for something is called reputation bribery.
  • Reputation Trolling: The act of complaining about being dereped for little or no reason or acts of telling people to falsely derep them about their posts is called Reputation Trolling.
  • Reputation Pity: The act of posting sad comments about their reputation so other users feel sorry for them so that they will give them reputations is called pity reputation.

These acts are not tolerated on or If anyone is caught misusing the reputation system or violating the Policies of this site using the reputation system, then the Staff will derep your account. Your threads, signatures, and posts will be deleted and you will be suspended from the site for a time period determined by the Admin/Moderator team with possible permanent suspension.

Posting to Forums:

Posting to forums enables you to communicate and collaborate with your friends and others that play Disney's ToonTown and/or Virtual Magic Kingdom. Examples of forums include anything listed in the ToonTownCentral Forums>/a> or VMK Forums section of these sites. These online forums are similar to the classic definition of the word: forum -- A public place or medium for open discussions. You access forums by clicking on the forum link and by clicking on the title of the individual forum you want to view. For example, you can click on the Playground or General Discussion link to see a list of available discussions. Then, you can click on the title of discussion you wish to view.

Please post in the appropriate forum. Don't be upset if we move your post to a more appropriate forum. In the event you find your post "missing", please attempt to locate it in what might be a more appropriate forum by using the Search feature.

Each forum has a name and a brief description with them. This makes information easier for people to find if they have a similar question or are interested in the same things.

We reserve the right to move, remove, or close any post for any violations or reasons we deem necessary. (Disciplinary action will be taken on a case-by-case basis depending on the severity)

Moderators and Administration:

Moderators and administrators of these sites monitor your compliance with the rules of the site and dispense disciplinary action at their discretion. Disciplinary decisions may be appealed through the Appeal Procedure. All Appeals should be kept in PM's and/or e-mail correspondence and should not be publicly posted. If you have concerns regarding in incident, please feel free to discuss the matter with them via an e-mail or PM. Do not create a new topic simply for the purposes of questioning a moderator's decision.

Any posts containing inappropriate content will either be edited or removed from the forums and posting such Words/Phrases/Content after being warned can result in being suspended from and/or for a given amount of time defined by the infraction and the Moderators. If you are consistent about posting this sort of content after you have been warned you will be permanently suspended from the site.

Forum infractions may result in actions being taken that can range from written warnings to temporary suspension to permanent suspension depending on the severity and frequency of the offense.

Attempting to bypass a suspension by accessing the forums with another account will result in a permanent, immediate suspension.

Forum infractions may result in immediate actions being taken that can range from written warnings, temporary suspension or permanent suspension from this site, depending on the severity and frequency of the offense:

  • Swearing or Cussing - profane or obscene language, usually of surprise or anger.
  • R or X-rated material (picture or website) - Pornographic material deemed inappropriate for children and most adults.
  • Violence - is any attitude, word, or action that threatens or destroys the human dignity of a human person or groups of persons.

Report A Post

If you see anything questionable or another member is getting out of hand, please click on the Red triangle on the upper right corner of the post in question. "report a post button" Please include a brie" Please include a brief message stating who the person is & what they did specifically. Do not use this feature for any other reason and do not take matters into your own hands by replying, PMing, or scolding a person. Please click the button to report a post only once per post. An email is sent to all mods for that forum and it will be dealt with as soon as a mod sees the email. This is becoming a MAJOR problem - one bad post can generate a whole thread of users telling the OP how wrong they were.

Site Donations and Subscriptions:

We greatly appreciate the support our users voluntarily wish to give us for providing a great fan site for a game we all enjoy. Donations and Subscriptions to the site are a donation, it is not a payment. We have provided users with extra features/subscriptions for donating as a courtesy and a "thank you for donating" but other than that it is a donation. We do not provide refunds on donations. If a user decides not to use the features/subscriptions or decides to quit the site or violates the policies of the site and loses their account, it has nothing to do with their donation.

We do not let donations or seniority dictate to or influence us on the decisions that are made in keeping this site fun and safe for all of our members.

Site Disclaimer: and is not responsible for any direct, indirect, incidental, consequential or any other damages arising out of or in connection with the use of these websites or in reliance on the information available on the sites. This includes any personal injury, business interruption, loss of use, lost data, lost profits, or any other pecuniary loss, whether in an action of contract, negligence, or other tortuous action, even if or has been informed of the possibility.

We reserve the right to add/delete or modify any and all policies for this site at any time we deem necessary.

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